Lorraine grills Michelle Heaton about THOSE photos on Australian Atomic Kitten tour

'Fess up, Michelle!


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We've all been there - one glass of wine on holiday turns into five, and before you know it your head is in the loo.

Fortunately for us, the only photos of US doing that might go on Facebook. And as embarrassing as that is, at least it doesn't get papped and appear in newspaper...

But UNfortunately for Michelle Heaton, who has stepped in for Liz McClarnon on the Atomic Kitten tour of Australia due to her fear of flying, that's exactly what happened to her.

The Liberty X singer looked a bit sheepish when Lorraine questioned her about the photos (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Michelle, along with original Kittens Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton, appeared on Lorraine's show this morning via studiolink. And she got a grilling!

Lorraine said: "We saw some pictures of you looking unwell, Michelle. Everything OK?"

Michelle then looked VERY sheepish as she explained what had happened: "Do you know what Lorraine? I'm so embarrased. It was the first day that we got there after arriving at 5:30am and we were so jet-lagged.

Michelle hadn't been well after catching sun stroke and drinking wine on a boat trip (Credit: Instagram/ Michelle Heaton) ©Instagram/ Michelle Heaton

"We went on a boat ride and I had a few glasses of wine and it was during the day, I'd got a bit of sun stroke."

Kerry then chimed in saying she'd done a two-hour workout, with Michelle then saying: "You know what I'm like Lorraine! But I just got sick, there's no excuse but we've all been there."

Kerry Katona jumped to her defence (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

We must say, if we were doing a tour of Australia, we'd probably be inclined to have a few glasses of wine ourselves! Good on you, Michelle.

The three have just two more Queensland venues to play on their tour of Australia which also includes Noughties pop bands East 17 and B*Witched.

Liz McClarnon is set to rejoin the band when they arrive back in the UK.

Have you ever been boozy in Australia? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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