Lorraine Kelly reveals why Katie Hopkins will NEVER be on her chat show

Lorraine Kelly has insisted she wants Katie Hopkins banned from her chat show - but why?

Lorraine Kelly reveals why Katie Hopkins will NEVER be on her chat show

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Lorraine Kelly is, without a doubt, one of the nicest people on television - and as unlikely to lose her cool as a leopard is to lost its spots.

But it seems that even the 55-year-old television star has her limits. And, as with so many usually calm and collected celebs, her limits come in the form of Katie Hopkins.

Speaking honestly, Lorraine has confessed she hopes the controversial columnist never arranges to appear on the programme, because - despite her professionalism - she doesn't think she'd be able to control her anger.

She told the Daily Star: "People are usually there to promote something, so they're always OK. Certainly with me, I've never had any nonsense.

"But with Katie Hopkins, now there is someone I'm not sure I could be nice to. I think that I'd draw the line there."

Katie Hopkins on the red carpet
Katie Hopkins on the red carpet

She continued:"When people come on my show I treat them with the respect I would expect in return. But there are always exceptions.

“I don't want to ask her on."

In other words, Katie…

To be honest, we doubt she’ll mind all too much; Katie has made a bit of a habit of annoying the rich ’n’ famous recently.

From Denise Welch to Katie Price, there have been spats aplenty on Twitter for followers to gawk over.

We wonder if she’ll respond to Lorraine’s comments?

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