Lorraine Kelly gets flustered as Ashley Banjo reveals ALL about his Fully Monty remake


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We all remember the hit film The Full Monty but now there's a new celebrity version coming to ITV and it's sure to be essential viewing.

Lorraine Kelly is clearly as excited as we are for the remake, which aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer, as she got a little flustered when chatting to dancer and choreographer Ashley Banjo on Thursday morning.

The presenter, keen to get the full details on what viewers can expect from the programme asked Ashley what we have all been wondering: 'Look, are we talking the FULL Monty?'

Lorraine was clearly delighted at the prospect (CREDIT: ITV) ©ITV

Ashley replied: 'We are'.

Unable to believe her ears Lorraine followed up with: 'Seriously? You are? We'll see IT tonight?'

Ashley explained: 'The shots are very tasteful but we can't do a programme called The Real Full Monty preaching about how men should check themselves and not do the Full Monty. This is not fake, this is the real deal.'

Well now we HAVE to tune in. The Real Full Monty features famous faces including Mark Foster, Harry Judd, Elliot Wright, Wayne Sleep and Alexander Armstrong all learning the legendary striptease routine from the original movie.

And while Ashley was focused on teaching the moves, he did hint that we could be seeing rather a lot of him as well:

'My job was to get the guys ready but all I'm gonna say is if I thought there was any chance of me getting through this entire show without getting involved, I had another thing coming. I'm not going to reveal but people should watch.'

Essential television viewing we're sure you'll agree... (CREDIT: ITV) ©ITV

Oh we'll be watching Ashley, don't worry.

The Real Full Monty airs tonight at 8.30pm on ITV.

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