Lorraine Kelly accused of bullying Charlotte Crosby over bed-wetting

Charlotte Crosby’s fans have slammed Lorraine Kelly as a ‘bully’ after an awkward interview about the Geordie Shore star’s drunken antics

Lorraine Kelly accused of bullying Charlotte Crosby over bed-wetting

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Charlotte Crosby appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s chat show to promote her new book Me Me Me earlier today.

However, while chatting to Lorraine about her bladder control issues, the entire tone of the interview changed - causing some to accuse the veteran TV host of bullying the reality star.

Lorraine asked Charlotte: “When you look back at the girl who was called 'Charlotte the harlot' and who wet herself on television, do you kind of go, 'Oh, eek'?

“Because people make mistakes, but all of your mistakes are… there.”

However Charlotte didn’t seem all too bothered by the interview.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: ”Well that didn't go too well.

“I don't think Lorraine will be buying my book in a hurry.”

However she did dismiss claims of bullying, adding that Lorraine is “really lovely”.

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