Lizzie Cundy: ‘I’ll have a bum like Kim Kardashian’s when I hit 50!’

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She's had a bum lift - and Lizzie Cundy is hoping her brand new behind will help her find the toyboy of her dreams

She’s notorious for her skimpy outfits, wardrobe malfunctions and age-defying body – but despite her flawless figure, Lizzie Cundy has followed in the footsteps of bum-obsessed celebs and undergone a cosmetic procedure to enlarge her peachy behind.

Over the last few months, Lizzie has been undergoing a non-surgical Brazilian bum lift called Pure Rise, which uses new technology to “melt” pockets of fat on the bum and repositions it for a tighter and more contoured look. Lizzie, 48, said that each 15-minute session was the equivalent to working out your bum for three hours.

And now the TV and radio presenter tells Closer she couldn’t be happier with the results – and that she even plans to outshine the Queen of the Bums herself – Kim Kardashian.

WATCH: Lizzie Cundy STRIPS DOWN to show off her new bigger bum!

“I absolutely love my new bum! I'm going to keep having the treatment to make it bigger. By the time I'm 50, I'll have a bum bigger than Kim K's.

"I was looking through old photos from my modelling days and I thought, 'Wow, my bum really was perky back then.' It had turned into a bit of a pancake and it was getting me down.

"People think I’m super confident all the time – and I do love my body, but not my bum so I decided to give Pure Rise a try. Now I feel sexier than I did in my twenties!"

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Lizzie was unhappy with her 'flat' bottom ©Closer

Mum-of-two Lizzie isn’t the only celeb to jump on the bum band wagon.

The likes of Chloe Khan, Chloe Sims and Jemma Lucy have all had Brazilian butt lifts and in 2015, there was an average of one procedure on the buttocks performed every 30 minutes in the UK.

But Lizzie says while some celebs’ bums look great, others look too fake and over the top.

“The bum is the body part everyone wants to look perfect these days! It goes through phases… It was boobs, then being super-skinny but now it’s the pert, voluptuous bottom.

lauren goodger bottom
Lizzie's a fan of Lauren's bottom but thinks hers is better! ©Shutterstock

“Lauren Goodger’s had hers done and she looks amazing! I do hope she didn't go under the knife though – I'm going to recommend the non-invasive procedure I had when I see her.

“And Chloe Ferry from Geordie Shore has reportedly had work done on her bum too, but it just looks fake! It’s too big and she’s so young to have anything done so who knows what it will look like in a couple of years. She’s gone too far.”

lizzie cundy wardrobe malfunction
Lizzie's very happy with her new pert derrière ©Shutterstock

While the TV presenter is in a great place with her body at the moment, she hasn’t always been body confident and opened up about suffering from anorexia while in her teens last year.

But Lizzie says she’s proud to have found a happy balance with food and exercise and that her brand new bum has sealed the end of her anorexia for good.

lizzie cundy cosmetic surgery
Lizzie couldn't be happy with her new voluptuous behind ©Closer

She says, “In my twenties, I’d never dream that I’d have a procedure to make my bum bigger and rounder! I wanted to be as small as possible then. But here I am and I’m proud of my curves now. Although the anorexia voice is sometimes still there, I love the healthier, more feminine look now.

“I work out because I enjoy it, eat really healthily but I’ll allow myself some treats everyday. I can’t say no to a nice glass of wine in the evening! I have a great balance now.”

While Lizzie is now known for her killer body and skimpy pap shots, she originally rose to fame as wife of footballer Jason Cundy who she married in 1994.

lizzie cundy, bruno tolioni
Lizzie's bff's with Strictly's Bruno! ©Shutterstock

Since their divorce in 2012, Lizzie – who shares sons Josh, 22, and James, 17 with Jason – has been linked to the likes of Gerard Butler and Nigel Farage, but she’s yet to meet her Mr Right. But she admits that her new bum may help her do it.

“I’m looking for The One and am certainly having fun trying to find him!” she laughs. “Men seem to like the new bum! I’ve definitely had some double takes from men walking down the street.

“I want a man younger than me – I have a very young spirit and my energy levels only seem to match someone younger than me. I don’t want an old man sitting on the sofa watching Corrie who’ll go to bed at 10pm! I want to have fun with someone.”

Someone who Lizzie does have fun with is close pal Simon Cowell, who she has holidayed and partied with many times over the years, even hosting events for some of the mogul's charities.

She's delighted Simon's happily settled down with girlfriend Lauren Silverman – and thinks that his son Eric, now four, is the best thing that could have happened to him.

She smiles: “Eric has been the making of Simon – he’s now so happy and you can even see it in his face and the way he acts. He used to be Mr Nasty, but Eric has calmed him down and he is loving fatherhood.

“But Simon has been open about the fact that Eric was unexpected – he never wanted to settle or have kids and I honestly don’t think he’ll ever get married. He’s so independent and while he adores Eric, I don’t know if he’ll have another child. He's got the heir to the Simon Cowell empire now!”

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