LISTEN: Jade Goody’s son Freddy reveals top tips to young children struggling with grief

Jeff Brazier’s young son Freddy has bravely revealed how he learned to deal with his grief for his beloved mum, Jade Goody

LISTEN: Jade Goody’s son Freddy reveals top tips to young children struggling with grief

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When Jade Goody lost her battle with cervical cancer in May 2009, her young sons Bobby and Freddy were left devastated.

Jeff Brazier, who now acts as a devoted single dad to his two boys, recently revealed that his youngest son Freddy is still finding it hard to deal with his mum’s death - and it has been causing him trouble at school.

The dad-of-two told OK! Magazine at the time: "Freddy can be quite a handful but he's made a huge progress with himself recently. I spoke to the teacher and she let me sit down with her and coach her. It was strange.

"It led to her basically instigating a conversation about his mum. She'd never done that because she always wanted to avoid it.

"But by doing so, Freddy was confident enough to stand up in class and talk about the afterlife telling everyone how he sees his mum as a butterfly."

And now, speaking with radio presenter Petrie Hosken, little Freddy has revealed just how far he has come.

Explaining how he has learned to cope after the loss of his mum, Freddy said bravely: “These are my tips which help me - and might help your children.”

He then listed the ways in which he has remembered Jade:

    After admitting that he has started to find it a little easier to deal with his grief, Freddy then let his proud dad speak.

    An emotional Jeff said: “I had a good cry when Freddy said an hour ago that that this is what he wanted to do.

    “He wanted to share his experience and put his own grief to one side to help other people through theirs.”

    Jade and Freddy
    Jade and Freddy

    He added: “[Helping Bobby and Freddy to cope with their loss] hasn’t been easy, at all, but you do it out of love.

    “We have to find the right way to support our children or our loved ones or our friends in the best way we can.

    “Hopefully conversations like this will help us deal with grief in the most constructive and positive way.”

    Listen to ‘Jeff Brazier and his son Freddy talk about the loss of Jade Goody’ on audioBoom now.

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