EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Snowdon, ‘I’ve got my mojo back – I’ll show you how’

Lisa Snowdon on menopause, magaritas, and the celebs who are helping her thrive in midlife

Lisa Snowdon

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She went through a “dark” time during the perimenopause, which saw her struggling with anxiety, confidence and her weight, but Lisa Snowdon well and truly has her mojo back. Chatting to Closer from a sunshine break in Majorca, where she’s celebrating fiancé George Smart’s birthday, she’s clearly happier than ever and making the most of her “best decade yet”.

“I feel positive now, I really do,” she tells Closer. “I’ve been guilty of picking holes in myself over the years, but some of the things I used to worry about seem such a waste of energy now. My perspective has shifted to a sense of gratitude.

“It’s not about giving up on your health, it’s about being kind to yourself, proud of what your body has done for you and accepting that you don’t look the same as you did when you were 25. You’re not that person anymore. When your hormones and sleep go out of whack, it has a huge impact on how you feel. But you do get a handle on it, and you can start to look and feel good again.”

Lisa Snowdon
Lisa's perspective has shifted to focus on gratitude ©Dave Benett/ Getty Images

Lisa’s bubbly optimism is a far cry from her mid-40s, when the perimenopause trigged agonising periods, sleeplessness and brain fog. “I had days so dark that I thought, ‘If this is what my life looks like, then I can’t do it,’” she has said. “I felt so lonely and confused. I didn’t recognise myself.”

This “perfect storm” also left her eating the wrong kind of food, and gradually gaining 3st. “The perimenopause and menopause have such an impact on your confidence, and I lost myself for a while,” acknowledges Lisa, 52. “I was at my heaviest in 2018.”

Lisa Snowdon
Lisa is getting candid about her struggles with perimenopause ©David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Thankfully Lisa – who’s now into full menopause ­– started taking HRT, which helped her symptoms. She also lost 2st thanks to upping her exercise and tuning into the foods that really nourish her body and mind.

“During the perimenopause you’re more likely to crave things like pastries and coffee, and it becomes a tricky downward slope,” she says. “I had no grip on my cravings – I’d drink too much coffee and then eat a packet of biscuits.

“It’s about listening to your body. When night sweats have kept you awake and you hit the wall mid-afternoon, a coffee isn’t the right idea. I know coffee impacts my anxiety too – if I’m anxious, an extra cup isn’t what I need.

“I can’t drink like I used to either. I get drunk quicker and nobody likes a sloppy, emotional drunk! I have to rein it in – I’m not 20 anymore, and I can’t do that to my body. It’s not pretty the next day, and it really does affect our mood. Now, I’ll enjoy a margarita or a nice Blanco tequila with soda and lime. I used to get away with murder though. I’d eat all sorts and I’d enjoy a fun night out, then go to work and not feel too bad, but you can’t do that forever. As my dad says, ‘It all catches up with you in the end!’”

Lisa Snowdon
Lisa has been in the public eye since her 20s ©Anthony Harvey/Getty

When it comes to her diet, Lisa has “stripped it back” and changed the way she looks at her plate. “I eat lots of veg and protein, like fish, chicken, steak and eggs,” she says. “I love pizza and pasta, but I stay away from refined carbs, bread and avoid anything processed or heavy. I eat loads of plant-based protein too, like lentils and chickpeas.”

Lisa – who has launched a new summer clothing edit with Debenhams – also swears by regular exercise. “Motion is lotion,” she laughs. “George and I brought our trainers on holiday and we haven’t even looked at them, but back home I do some kind of movement every day, whether that’s a gym class, weights or walking. It has such a positive impact on your mental health, you never regret a workout.

“Weight training has helped me hugely, you’re never too old to start. It boosts your metabolism, builds muscle and burns fat, and it keeps our bones strong. It’s also brilliant fun, but you don’t need to go crazy lifting heavy weights. I also love Pilates, and I get in at least 10,000 steps a day. If you’re working at a desk, go for a little walk every 30 minutes, or make a cup of tea. That’s really helped me.”

Lisa Snowdon
Lisa and her fiance George ©David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty

Lisa’s experiences not only led to her writing a book, Just Getting Started: Lessons In Life, Love And Menopause, but she’s also a patron of Menopause Mandate. Alongside celebs including Davina McCall, Cherry Healey and Carol Vorderman, she campaigns to revolutionise the advice and support women receive. So, has she taken any good tips from her fellow stars?

“Naomi Watts is amazing,” says Lisa, who is friends with Jennifer Aniston. “She’s massive in the menopause world, and was kind enough to give me a quote for my book. I’m always looking at her Instagram for tips. Penny Lancaster is also amazing – we’re part of Menopause Mandate and we share stuff we’ve been through and things that help us. We are women supporting women.”

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Like Davina, Lisa is also an advocate for HRT. “It’s helped to calm down my anger, rages and mood swings,” she says. “It’s helped with my sleep, night sweats and hot flushes too. I’m definitely less emotional now than I was in 2020, when I was deep in the perimenopause.

“The perimenopause throws up all sorts of weird and wonderful worries and anxieties that we never would have considered before, and the changes do impact you at first. But I want to empower women to do the best they can do for themselves. You can get control of it, and this doesn’t have to be a negative time. It’s the start of a really exciting new relationship with yourself.”

Lisa’s Wallis X Debenhams collection is available at Debenhams.

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