Lisa Riley reveals the secret to her weight loss success after shedding 12 stone

She lost a lot of weight

Lisa Riley

by Owen Tonks |
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Lisa Riley has revealed her top tip for losing weight and the thing that helped her the most when shedding an impressive 12 stone.

The Emmerdale actress went from a 28 to 12 in 18 months and appeared on This Morning today to talk about her success.

The star says the thing that ultimately helped her was keeping a food diary so she was aware of exactly what she was eating.

Lisa Riley
Lisa feels better after her weight loss ©© Getty Images

She said: “The honesty diary is the start. Every single thing I consumed, I wrote down. I realised it was too much.

“Then the change happens and I started getting smaller and smaller and it started getting addictive, in a good way.”

Lisa, who has penned a book about her weight loss, Lisa Riley’s Honesty Diet, was left with more than a stone of excess skin after losing weight and says surgery to remove it left her wanting to be a mother.

She has given up alcohol and cigarettes and may undergo IVF treatment when she’s ready to conceive.

Lisa Riley
The actress before her weight loss ©© Getty Images

She said: “I don’t know why I did it but the first question I asked before my surgery was, would I still be able to have children?

“Why did I ask that question? I wanted to know would the skin be able to stretch? Would the wound open up? I actually shocked myself.

“My gene pool is always going to be there, but I can’t be a ticking time bomb. What I can think is that I’m going to live my life to the fullest, and hopefully with what I’ve done I have added years to my life.

“I never wanted to put a child through the agony of losing their mum, something I know only too well.

“But making huge changes I believe I’ve saved my own life, so it has eradicated that fear of dying.”

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