Lisa Riley reveals reason why she will NEVER have children of her own

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Actress Lisa Riley has revealed the heartbreaking reason why she's made the decision not to have children of her own.

Speaking on Loose Women, Lisa announced that she would definitely consider adoption but is scared to start a family of her own after she has witnessed several close members of her family suffering from cancer.

She said: "I’ve thought about it long and hard and I discussed it, especially with my mates at home.

"They’ve got loads of kids and I live my life vicariously through them by being a great godmother."

She added: “But for me, I don’t want to put a child through the pain that I went through – seeing the last three years of my mum, I couldn’t do that to my child.

“So I’ve consciously made the decision that I’m not going to have a child naturally. I’m not.”

The former Emmerdale actress, who recently transformed her lifestyle and dropped an astonishing 10 stone - going from a clothing size 30 to a 14 - spoke frankly about genetic illnesses, and how she lost her grandfather, both grandmothers, and her mother from different cancers.

She added:"I enjoy life, I don't want someone to tell me 'You've got the gene pool', I mean it's kind of obvious."

Referring to the procedure that can check if someone carries the BRAC1 or BRAC2 cancer gene, she said: "Would I have that gene pool test? I can't do it to myself, I'm the sort of person that I live everyday for today. What happens tomorrow, I don't know."

You can watch the emotional interview HERE:

Do you have the same concerns as Lisa? Are you worried about passing genetic diseases on to your children?

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