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Lindsay: "People really like to harp on about the past..."

She may be best known as the child actress who had a breakdown and turned to alcohol and drugs.

But it looks as though Lindsay Lohan has really turned herself around.

In an interview with Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain this morning, she seemed a much calmer, maturer version of herself.

Delving straight into her past and the partying behaviour that is sadly synonymous with her name now, Piers hounded her in true Piers style about her past antics and what appeared to all of us to be a breakdown.

Lindsay discussed her religion on the show (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

He said: "You're only 30! I sometimes think, 'how do they pack all this mayhem in?!'"

But Lindsay shot back: "People really like to harp on about the past - I was just saying to you, that was over 10 years ago."

Susanna then jumped in: "I suppose because you started so young and you had such stratospheric success, I think people are fascinated as to why that can then turn so sour."

Lindsay didn't look too happy about this, and Susanna went on: "What is the reason, when you're under that much scrutiny and attention, why is it so hard to deal with?"

The actress immediately said: "I think also at the time when I was being hounded by paparazzi it was the beginning of this era. We didn't have Instagram or Twitter, it was the beginning of all these things starting, it was the beginning of a phenomenon and I was left to my own devices which is never really a good thing when you're young."

Lindsay seems to be in a much better place (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Piers then mentioned the fact that they'd met before and interviewed a few times, saying: "You've been through so much over the years - when I look at you now, you look like you're in a good place. Over the years, you've had a bit of a rocky ride, maybe even still last year - where are you now? How do you feel?"

"I think really when I turned 30, because I'd always aspired for this, when I turned 30 that would be the defining moment of what I want to do with my life.

"I found a lot of solace in my life and a lot of peace, I reached inside and found what I wanted my intentions to be in the world and what really thrives me - helping other people and focusing on taking control of what I want out of life."

Lindsay wasn't impressed with the way Susanna phrased her question (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Susanna brought up how quite a few famous people "turn to drink and drugs to have a sense of control", asking if she now felt "clean". Lindsay jumped in: "I don't think it was ever 'turning to' anything, alcohol was very accessible when I was 16, 17, 18, 19.

"I had been working so much and surrounded myself with probably the wrong people and places and things, and going out drinking was an easy thing to do. I didn't really listen to anyone."

Piers then said that her family life was "chaotic", and asked her how she would "categorise" it. She replied: "It wasn't ALL chaotic. But my dad worked on the stock exchange, on Wall Street then he went away with Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) and my mum was taking care of all of us and that must have been really difficult. Well, I know it was really difficult for her.

"I found therapy through acting and singing, and that's where I found my peace, in a way. When I had the ability to leave and start my own life is when I should have listened to my mum and gone back home, and got out of Los Angeles."

Lindsay at one of her lowest points in a hearing (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Piers then asked if she thought LA was a problem: "I think so. It moves so fast there, it's easier to surround yourself with any person than it is to be alone, and I noticed there was a point where I didn't want to go out at night anymore and play the game, so to speak, so I would just stay at home. And I lost all my friends, because suddenly I wasn't fun to them anymore."

After speculation that she'd converted to Islam, Lindsay did open up about how religion had helped her through the last few years but didn't confirm or deny the rumours: "I think that me studying the Quran is something I found solace in. You can't just convert to a religion overnight. I just study it, nothing is confirmed yet.

"Religion is a personal belief, my sister's a Buddhist. I don't want to speak on something I haven't finished yet. I find a solace in studying not just the Quran but meditation."

Oprah is Lindsay's "second mum" (Credit: Instagram/ Oprah Winfrey) ©Instagram/ Oprah Winfrey

They talked about how Oprah Winfrey had been a massive friend to Lindsay, and helped her through things. She said: "She called me last night! We just talked about what I'm doing now.

"I always check in with her because I really think that her and Arianna Huffington were a big part of me getting more deeply into transcendental meditation.

"She was really proud of me, which is really wonderful. She's a guiding light and like a second mother to me. I feel really blessed to have her on my speed dial!"

How lovely!

Lindsay was a hit with viewers of the show too, with many praising her newfound attitude to life.

Even Ross Kemp was happy to see her - tweeting a photo of the two together and captioning it: "Good to meet you Lindsay!"

The actor-turned-documentary maker crossed paths with Lindsay at GMB (Credit: Twitter/ Ross Kemp) ©Twitter/ Ross Kemp

We hope Lindsay is able to continue being happy and healthy.

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