Linda Nolan claims ‘£12,000 benefits fraud’ was a mistake

Linda Nolan has admitted she's being investigated for benefit fraud after she failed to declare her television appearances while claiming help.


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The 56-year-old claimed benefits – including housing and disability – from 2008 until last year but insists she's not a scrounger after being handed a £12,000 bill.

Speaking to the Mirror, Linda said: "I'm not a benefits scrounger, a liar, a thief or a cheat. I've made a simple mistake, that's all that it is – and I'm devastated about it.

Linda claimed she didn't think TV appearances needed to be delcared
Linda claimed she didn't think TV appearances needed to be delcared

"I just want to hold my hands up and say I'm sorry. I've already started to pay it back. I will pay it back in full."

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant claimed she didn't think money earned from telly jobs and a magazine column needed to be declared.

When she was told that she'd committed benefit fraud, Linda agreed to pay back the money in full. However she still received a court summons.

The former CBB star admitted she's terrified about going to court

"When I opened the letter, I crumbled. I've never been in trouble in my life and the thought of going to court is horrifying and frightening," she said.

Linda confessed that losing her husband Brian, sister Bernie and her mum – as well as having cancer and depression herself – took it's toll on her.

She's set to appear in court later this month and Linda confessed she's got no idea what the outcome will be.

"I thought I was getting my life back together again and now I could end up with a criminal record for a stupid mistake," she added.

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