Lily Allen fights back at Katie Hopkins’ cruel weight jibes ‘the survival of my children is more important.’

Lily Allen has taken to Twitter in response to Katie Hopkins’ comments about her becoming a mum and ‘gaining two stone and looking pretty hideous.'


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Katie made the comments in an interview with heatworld where she said she had been a fan of the singer up until she ‘decided to become a mum.’

Lily expressed her outrage at the comments on Twitter, writing: ‘Oh, and whilst ‘weighing me up.’ Fat shaming, you were stone out, I gained 3 not 2!’

She continued ‘And hey, look I’m on the cover of Elle this month.’


Lily then embarked on a bit of a Twitter rant, giving Katie a telling off for ‘picking on girls half her age.’

The pop star then went on to defend her weight gain. ‘I wasn’t exercising because I didn’t want to take any risks, and funnily enough, the survival of my children is more important.’

In the interview, Katie also accused Lily of only being famous for having a famous father.

The pop star responded: ‘I’m not famous for having a famous dad, I doubt that most of my fanbase have a clue who my father is.’

Lily then deleted the tweets, writing: ‘Sorry about that. My babies are a touchy subject and I gave her exactly what she wanted by responding.’

Gemma also took to Twitter following some cruel comments from Katie.

The singer wasn’t the only one to take to Twitter after being targeted by the controversial social commentator in the interview.

TOWIE’s Gemma Collins also vented: ‘Don’t use my name to gain my publicity look at your own life errrr sorry WHO ARE YOU!! Hahahahaha @KTHopkins everyone UNFOLLOW HER x love Gem x.’

We wonder who’s wrath Katie will feel next?

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