Leona Lewis ‘smashed up hotel room in fit of anger’

It’s not what you’d expect from shy Leona Lewis, but the singer has revealed that sometimes she does get really angry.


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So much so that she trashed a hotel room when she was in a rage once.

The former X Factor winner said: “I smashed up [my] hotel room [because] I was angry. I gave a table a kick and I didn’t actually think it would fall over.

“I [normally] do it so that it won’t damage things but things got smashed. Champagne glasses broke.”

The Bleeding Love singer also revealed that she doesn’t appreciate women driver jokes.

Leona, 28, said: “Men always feel like they can the the mickey out of women on the road and I don’t like it.”

As well as smashing up hotel rooms when she is angry, she admitted to enjoying getting very drunk, so much so that sometimes she is sick.


She said: “[I have] the kind of friends I can get roaring drunk around and let loose.

“They have seen my worse side 150 times! They have been there through the ups and downs, the hair holding when I’m so drunk I’m sick.”

Leona decided to use her friends when filming the video for latest single One More Sleep, instead of hiring actors.

“They wanted me to cast a bunch of actors”, she said. “But that wasn’t happening because I wanted it to be realistic. I feel like they are a handsome bunch!

“We are usually worse than that. They were on their best behavior and still they were a bit mental.

“They were chucking s*** around the kitchen. My friends have dreads and we were putting flour in his hair, as he can’t wash it- he wanted to kill us!

He was shouting ‘don’t touch my hair! It was so much fun.”

Leona is currently promoting her holiday album Christmas, with Love.

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