Lee Ryan worries about his ‘player’ reputation as he gets cosy with Celebrity Big Brother beauty Jasmine Waltz

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Lee Ryan has started to reveal himself as a bit of a player amongst with his female housemates after moving from one beautiful woman to another.


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Boy band star Lee and American actress Jasmine spent the night together in a ‘UFO’ that Big Brother had landed in the garden.

After embracing a sharing a couple of cheeky kisses, the two were spotted kissing under Lee’s bed sheets before heading to the bathroom together for some privacy.

Lee had previously shared a kiss with glamour model Casey but admitted to Big Brother he had no interest in starting a relationship in the house.

Lee has managed to become embroiled in a love triangle within a week of entering the house.
Lee has managed to become embroiled in a love triangle within a week of entering the house.

Talking about his new love interest Casey, Lee told Big Brother: ‘I really fancy Jasmine I think she’s beautiful, she’s so pretty, she’s hilarious, so funny and she’s my kind of girI. I really like her because she’s a bit damaged, like I go for people like that.’

Lee appeared conscious that his actions with Jasmine might lead to some disastrous consequences in the house.

He said: 'I can see it ending wrong for me, I’m gonna be made out like I’m some f***ing player and then there’s Jasmine. She's dry, she's beautiful. But I think I’d rather eat raw slugs than get into another relationship.’

Lee confided in his housemates about his tricky love triangle.

The singer shared a passionate kiss with glamour model Casey.

On his feelings for Casey, told Luisa: 'I just feel a bit bad. It’s making it an issue for me that I’m not allowed to be tactile with anyone else. I feel like I have to go and sit down with her and be affectionate.'

If this is what the first week is like, we wonder how much more drama can occur the rest of the series!

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