Lauren Goodger tells Closer her top tips for the perfect selfie

Lauren Goodger says that good lighting, posing and pouting are crucial to capturing that perfect selfie shot


by Sarah Fitzmaurice |
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She's the queen of selfies and now Lauren Goodger has shared her top tips for taking the perfect picture with Closer.

The former TOWIE star says the angle of the camera, your facial expression and the lighting have lots to do with capturing your best side.

Lauren says: "I do love taking selfies. You have to hold the camera high, up above your head to get the best shot."

And in defence of the duckfaced look she says: "I love a pout and I love to pose. The pouting is very important but the lighting also has a lot to do with it."

Lauren couldn't resist taking some selfies of herself dressed as Rihanna at Closer's shoot

While Lauren admits she's a 'selfie pro', and was even snapped capturing her own pic at a Samaritans charity event in London on Monday, she says not everyone shares her talents.

She says: "Some people can do them and some people just can’t, my sister isn’t very good at taking selfies at all."

"It's all about the angle of the camera, the lighting the pouting and the posing."

Lauren's snaps can be the hot topic of Instagram but the aspiring singer says she doesn't pay attention to negative comments.

Lauren says she ignores negative comments on her Instagram pics

She says: "It doesn’t bother me when people say horrible things, no. When I see bad pap photos of myself that bothers me more than what people are saying. Sometimes I see a photo I think is really nice and they’re just hating and saying nasty things"

"It might not even be of me, it might be of my trainers but they just started moaning and I think I could take a picture of a black wall and they’d all start rowing. It’s quite funny but it doesn’t bother me. I am enjoying what I am doing and all the nice comments make up for it."

Well that's cleared that up, looks like Lauren won't be stopping with the selfies anytime soon.

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