Lauren Goodger’s post-baby surgery spree revealed

She’s set to welcome her second child this summer, and insiders say Lauren is planning a whole-body makeover after giving birth – a move friends worry has been sparked by her rocky relationship

lauren goodger surgery spree

by Closer staff |

Four months after she vowed there would be no going back to her on/off boyfriend Charles Drury, Lauren Goodger confirmed their reconciliation with a public kiss last month.

The couple, who began dating in 2020, welcomed their daughter Larose last July, and are now expecting a second baby girl together this summer, after Lauren fell pregnant just weeks after giving birth.

And while the former TOWIE star, 35, has previously revealed how she has always dreamt of being a mum, she recently admitted to struggling with body confidence while being pregnant back to back for the last two years.

Lauren, who has undergone numerous cosmetic surgery procedures in the past, posted a picture of her pregnancy body on Instagram earlier this month, writing, “My body has changed so much and grown and carried both my pregnancies now for 2 years back to back.

“It’s not been easy mentally or physically but I am so proud of it. What a beautiful, magical thing a mother’s body can do.

"I’ve had my down moments when nothing fits and I think my boobs are a mess. I am still breastfeeding Larose currently, but I wouldn’t change any of it.”

In an interview earlier this year, Lauren, who has yo-yoed between a size 16 and a size 8, said, “The t--s are on the floor – they’re getting carpet burns” and admitted she had been researching surgeons.

“I‘m getting my whole body done after [having the baby] , I’ve been looking at surgeons already.”

lauren goodger weight loss
Lauren in 2016 after the launch of her weight-loss plan ©Getty

And now, insiders say that while Lauren is focusing on staying as healthy as she can while pregnant, she wants the surgery sooner rather than later after giving birth.

A source says, “Lauren doesn’t want to waste any time, she wants a tummy tuck, liposuction and other tweaks – and has bragged that no one will recognise her. She is all about maintenance when it comes to her body and looks. She loves getting procedures done but she’s had to lay off it all during her pregnancy as it’s not advised by doctors.

“Lauren has been finding it quite tough, she’s been complaining to friends that she’s putting on more weight this time around.

“She also feels her facial features have been puffier as a result and just generally has been feeling quite uncomfortable in her own skin. But the idea of having a body and face makeover after giving birth is the one thing that’s getting her through it all. She is determined to look her best and doesn’t care how much it costs. Her body has been through a lot and if it costs £20,000, then that’s what she’s willing to pay.”

lauren goodger pregnant
Lauren is very close to giving birth to her second baby girl ©Closer

However, her makeover hasn’t been welcomed by everyone, as the insider reveals those close to Lauren fear that her body dysmorphia – which has led to her undergoing liposuction, a nose job, a boob job, fillers and Botox in the past – could be rearing its head during a vulnerable time in her life.

In 2016, she admitted, “Yeah, I probably do [have body dysmorphia]. I never feel happy, no matter what size I am. I can look at a picture and everyone tells me I look great, but I think I look revolting.”

Now the source adds, “Her friends are worried for Lauren as they think she should be enjoying motherhood, rather than going under the knife again.

“They are trying to carefully drop hints that more surgery won’t fix her problems, but Lauren is still keen on the idea.”

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by friends of the reality TV star that her latest body overhaul plans first surfaced just weeks after Charles, 23, admitted to sleeping with another woman while they were on a break in November.

Charles said he had made a “mistake” but the couple were involved in another public row when he announced their split while Larose was in hospital battling an infection.

At the time, Lauren resolved to co-parent Larose and the couple recently reunited after she previously admitted she longs for a family unit after suffering from heartbreak in the past after her mum – then struggling with her mental health – sent her to live with her dad aged four.

In 2011, Lauren split from her first love Mark Wright after a decade together amid several cheating allegations, which were denied. She went on to endure two more tumultuous relationships – one with convicted drug-dealer Joey Morrison, who she dated while he was behind bars – and Jake McClean, who she suffered a miscarriage with and who had served time in prison for being part of a gang who robbed a family at gunpoint.

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Now, despite what appears to be a happy ending for Lauren, friends fear her determination to keep the passion alive in her relationship with Charles is driving her to go under the knife for all the wrong reasons.

The insider adds, “Lauren wants Charles to find her desirable so they can stay together and have more kids.

“Clearly the fact that they’re reunited now is playing on Lauren’s mind. She doesn’t want them to break up again and knows that it’s going to be tough with two small children to look after. While Lauren wants to overhaul her look for her own self worth and confidence, part of her wants to do it to make sure Charles stays by her side.”

But her friends feel that Charles should be doing more to make Lauren feel secure and that she shouldn’t put pressure on herself to please everyone.

“They all think Lauren is a brilliant mum and beautiful as she is. They just wish she could see it, too.”

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