How Lauren Goodger ruined Mark Wright’s big return

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Seriously, how does she STILL have things to say about him?

He landed back in the UK with a bang last month, emotionally telling fans he was trading in his Hollywood gig to spend more time with wife Michelle Keegan.

But if Mark Wright was hoping for a fresh start upon his return, he had another think coming, because no sooner had he landed back than he was facing an unwelcome blast from the past…his ex Lauren Goodger.

In an interview last week, Lauren got busy name-checking Mark again, saying she’d recently bumped into him and Michelle, but that they’d blanked her, adding, “It was like they didn’t even know me.”

Lauren also said that she and Mark – who split for the final time in 2011 – had been “obsessed” with each other and "there's no love like your first love." Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t quite the “welcome home” Mark was after.

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Mark Wright

Lauren dated childhood sweetheart Mark for 12 years - with nearly two years of their rocky romance aired on TOWIE. Lauren was so committed, she even had Mark's name tattooed on her bikini line. But in one dramatic episode in 2011, Lauren decided to have it lasered off whilst the couple were on a break - much to her suprise, Mark made a marriage proposal on the same day. The on/off pair split for good after just five months of being engaged.

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Mark Wright

Mark is now married to former Coronation Streetstar Michelle Keegan. The pair tied the knot in 2015, but have since juggled their marriage with work commitments whilst Michelle has travelled abroad for BBC drama Our Girl and Mark has taken on the showbiz world in America.

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Jake McLean

Lauren dated Jake McLean on and off from 2012 to 2016 - during which, Lauren had Jake's name tattooed on her wrist. But once the pair had parted ways for good, Lauren branded their romance 'toxic.' Following their split, Lauren said: "'I don't mean to sound horrible but I'm relieved it's over."

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Jake McLean

Following his time in the limelight with Lauren during their two year romance, Jake has now gone under the radar.

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Joey Morrison

Lauren raised eyebrows in September 2016 when she first started dating Joey, 33, while he was still in prison for a string of violent drugs-related charges. Defending their romance on Channel 5's In Therapy while they were still together, Lauren said, "This is the weirdest relationship ever, but it's exciting and I think that's why I like it. A bad boy never cheats, a bad boy is very loyal. They're strong family men, they've just got a bit of a naughty side to them." Opting for a tattoo hat-trick, Lauren also got Joey's name inked, once Jake's had been removed. The pair were together for two and a half years before they broke up in 2018.

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Joey Morrison

Joey was released from prison in September 2018, after serving half of his 16 year sentence. Enjoying his new-found freedom, he went onto social media to promote his luxurious lifestyle post-prison. Although Lauren and Joey have officially broken up, fans have spotted Joey featuring in Lauren's stories on Instagram on several occasions.

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Ricci Guarnaccio

Lauren and Ricci appeared on Celebrity Big Brother together, where he confessed to falling for her. But sadly for the Geordie lad, Lauren was adamant nothing would happen between them. Yet, despite the TOWIE star telling Vicky Pattison's ex that they would only ever "just be friends", the pair were inseparable at the post-eviction party. They were seen kissing and cuddling before heading back to their hotel together at 4am.

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Ricci Guarnaccio

After his time on Geordie Shore, Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach, Ricci has taken a step back from TV. Nowadays he uses his social media to plug teeth whitening brands and holidays. And it looks like TV isn't the only thing Ricci is steering clear of - in 2018, the Geordie star told Star magazine "I'm happily single. Women are evil. God put them on this earth to hurt us!"

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“Mark feels like he’s only just stepped foot back into the UK and already Lauren is dredging up the past and putting their names back together in newspaper headlines,” an insider close to the telly star tells heat.

“It’s just not what he and Michelle need - she hits the roof whenever Lauren mentions him. She really values her privacy and hasn’t been happy with all the interviews Mark’s been giving lately. Lauren’s just pushed her over the edge.”

It’s fair to say that Mark hasn’t made a quiet return – not least because he’s been busy promoting his new show The Bachelor (worry not, he’s presenting, not starring).

Lauren Goodger Mark Wright

Last week, the 32 year old declared his devotion to his wife, saying, “Michelle was the reason I knew I would never move [to the US] forever. She’s the most important person in my life.”

He added that when he decided to move home, “she cried with happiness.” Unfortunately, his comments coincided with Lauren’s claims that “he was obsessed” with her during their on/off ten-year relationship and that “Sex keeps you together as well, so we had the connection.”

heat magazine issue 1029

It’s no secret that Michelle, 31, has been facing a great deal of public scrutiny over her four-year marriage – especially regarding their plans to start a family. We’re told that having to deal with Lauren’s comments in addition to all the rumours that she's far less broody than Mark really rattled her.

Now, as the pair re-settle together in Essex, they’re plagued with fear that Lauren’s presence will haunt them for good. They’ve already had one awkward encounter – and considering that Essex is a small place, surely it’s only a matter of time before they’re forced to face the enemy yet again. The big question is: who gets celeb hotspot Sheesh? (Let’s be honest, our money’s on Mark.

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