Lauren Goodger denies she’s made up her new boyfriend: “As if! I’m allowed to be secretive”

Lauren Goodger has hit back at claims she's "making up" her new mystery boyfriend - but refuses to reveal who it is…

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Lauren Goodger has insisted that she is NOT making up her boyfriend. So we can all just stop accusing her of it now, okay?

The former TOWIE babe has been dropping a LOT of hints about her new man everywhere for weeks, from a snap of his hands, to his reflection in a car mirror.

With the above image, Lauren cheekily captioned it: "Loving being chauffeured...the driver ain't bad either #heknowhowtotreatemright #rari"

But, with Lauren, it's all about the mystery - so, when people started assuming a snap of her on holiday with a hunky man was a snap of her and her boyfriend, she got a little irked.

Speaking in her New! Magazine column, she denied the snap was of him, saying: "I’ve been asked about a picture I posted of me posing with a dark-haired man on the slopes. People were speculating he’s the mystery man I’ve been telling you about, but he’s not.

"His name is Will and he’s a personal trainer who was out there at the same time as us, so we all hung out together."

She added: "A magazine ran a story last week claiming I’m making up my new bloke. As if! I’m allowed to be secretive. I’m enjoying seeing him out of the limelight. I’m still single, but now I’m home we’ve made plans to see each other and go on more dates."

We're… we're very confused, if we're honest. So she DOES have a boyfriend, it's NOT the guy we all think it is and she IS still single?

It's the ultimate riddle.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Lauren took to The Notebook to show her appreciation of her mystery man, taking a choice quote (which we're sure you'll all remember Ryan Gosling saying) and captioning it with a little heart.

We guess the mystery continues...

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