Lauren Goodger denies she’s jealous of Michelle Keegan: ‘It’s a shame Mark feels the need to dismiss me’

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has hit back at claims that she is still not over ex-fiance Mark Wright, saying ‘I’m not jealous.’


by Fiona Day |
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Claims that Lauren was jealous of Mark’s happiness with Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan came when she mysteriously tweeted: ‘God I bet it’s sooo boring #yourlife #lookssoboring #nothingisperfect.’

Lauren fired back, saying her tweet had nothing to do with her ex and his new love, but was aimed at the story the MailOnline ran about her narrowly avoiding a large puddle.

She said: ‘Well, it wasn’t at all… I was just so fed up with people tweeting me about the puddle story!’

Lauren's ex is now engaged to Michelle Keegan.
Lauren's ex is now engaged to Michelle Keegan.

She claimed that the rumours have come from Michelle’s end, telling 3am: ‘I heard Mark’s fiancée Michelle tweeted a quote after I’d posted my tweet, saying, 'People only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.' I hope it wasn’t aimed at me because I’m certainly not jealous.’

She added: ‘I’ve never met Michelle, but I’m sure she’s lovely, and she’s obviously completely gorgeous.’

However, Lauren did add that she felt somewhat jilted by ex-boyfriend Mark, who doesn’t like to talk about his TOWIE ex.

She said: ‘It’s just a shame Mark feels the need to dismiss me in interviews. I don’t have a problem with him and I’d say hello if I saw him.’

Lauren and Mark had an on/off relationship for over 10 years.

‘When he got with Michelle, I was asked about them a lot, but I never said anything bad about him or her. I also never made out I never loved him, because I did – and vice versa. That’s what really aggravates me about him.’

She continued, referring to Mark’s previous comments that he had never known real love before meeting Michelle: ‘He could just be open and say, 'I was with Lauren for a long time, I wish her all the best and I’ve moved on.' But he’s said Michelle is his first proper relationship. Was what we had since we were 15 years old not real, then?’

She finished: ‘I’ve been in love again since I was with him, but I’d never dismiss how I felt when I was younger as he was my first love, which you always remember. Anyway, c’est la vie… ‘

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