Lauren Goodger hits back after being accused of giving DANGEROUS diet advice to her fans

Lauren Goodger

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Lauren Goodger has hit back on Twitter after she was accused of giving bad advice on dieting and detoxing to her 1.3m followers

It all started when the 30-year-old TOWIE star, who has famously battled with her weight, tweeted: "Im doing detox cleanse tomorrow! Not drinking either."

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert then retweeted the message slamming Lauren in the process.

She wrote: "Let us pray for her 1.3million followers. Why these reality TV stars think to share dangerous dietary advice is just mind boggling."

As fans of Lauren know, she isn't one to keep quiet when she's been slighted, so she was quick to reply writing: "Pardon? If I want a detox and cleanse and juice and not drink alcohol how it that bad advise?? Doesn't mean I don't eat clean also?"

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The nutritionist then replied: "Detox, cleanse, eat clean all in 1 sentence. That isn't healthy living, it's just promoting dangerous & unsustainable restriction."

She added: "We should all empower people with positive nutrition, fight pseudoscience & the feelings of guilt & shame that drive the diet industry."

As the war of words continued, Lauren defended herself hitting back: "I haven't given any advice? Or guidance .. I simply said I can't wait to detox and juice because every weekend I've had alcohol that's all."

Lauren Goodger
Lauren is currently a size 12 but has said she longs to be slimmer again*(Credit: Getty) ©Getty

Lauren's fans also leapt to her defence, with one saying she is a great role model and another telling her to "ignore the haters" as she's "an inspiration to us all."

Lauren later said she would be up for meeting the Harley Street nutritionist in person to learn more about her views on healthy eating.

The Twitter spat comes after Lauren, who is currently a size 12, admitted to Closer that she's been struggling to maintain the lifestyle that helped her become a svelte size 8 in 2015.

She said she is even considering weightloss surgury to help her battle the bulge.

She told us: "When I was doing my fitness DVD, I was so strict and I saw results. But I’m a sociable person and it made me miserable to stay in all the time. I fell off the wagon and I’ve put weight back on.

"I reckon I’m a size 12 now and I’m scared I might get bigger. I don’t know what else to do. Go back to the gym, diet and hate my life? I’ve spoken to friends about liposuction or a gastric band."

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