Lauren Goodger accused of photo shopping bikini pictures


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

Lauren Goodger’s fans have accused of her manipulating her holiday pictures on Instagram. And we don’t mean by just using a filter. Some picked up the tell-tale signs of photo shopping in a picture of Lauren posing in her bikini. A couple of paving slabs appear to have distorted, pointing to the idea that she may have edited her waist and stomach in the pictures.

“So obviously edited,” one person commented. “I was hoping for more comments on the distorted tiles on the ground,” another wrote.

Lauren’s on holiday in the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend Jake McLean and the former TOWIE star has spent a lot of her time showing off about in on social media. But if we were Lauren, we’d be showing off too.

The 29-year-old has lost four stone after admitting her self confidence was at rock bottom last year. “I'm too upset and too embarrassed to look at the photos of me in a bikini,’ Lauren said at the time.

“They're horrendous! I look like a beached whale.”

Now, after releasing her OMG! Workout DVD Lauren looks incredible and credits a clean diet and her new exercise regime for her new look.

“I tried for years to lose it but nothing worked,” she said. “Now finally, this system's done it for me. I've lost four stone and dropped five dress sizes. Everyone is asking me how I've lost weight and it's a new system called bio-dynamics.”

She definitely doesn’t need photo shop. Step away from the ‘edit’ tools, Lauren.

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