Lauren Goodger hits back at critics following baby backlash

Lauren Goodger has penned a message to parenting critics after THAT controversial baby photo on Instagram

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Lauren Goodger, who shot to fame in TOWIE, is best known for sharing pouting selfies and sideboob on Instagram.

However the former reality star usually takes any criticism she receives on the chin, choosing to ignore those cruel ‘duck face’ and ‘trout pout’ comments from trolls.

However, when she was attacked over a snapshot of her baby nephew, Teddy, she felt compelled to speak out.

In 2013, her sister Rianna gave birth to Teddy- and Lauren posted loads of pics to commemorate the occasion.

And, just a few weeks ago, she posted an update of Teddy as a sturdy little toddler.

The photograph received a LOT of criticism from the public, with many slamming Lauren for letting her nephew suck on a dummy.

“Dummy at tht [sic] age?” asked one commenter. “Ridiculous!”

Another added: “So bad for there teeth [sic] at nearly three any dentist will tell you that!”

Now, writing in her column for new! magazine, Lauren has her say about it all.

She wrote: “Oh my God! I had such a backlash over this photo I posted of Teddy with a dummy.

“I know he looks older, but he’s only two. And you can’t put an age on these things - all kids are different.”

Lauren continued: “It wasn’t like I gave it to him during the day when he was running about playing. It was about 6.30pm and he was tired.

“It’s a comfort thing.”

She finished firmly: “Some children suck their thumbs, so what’s the difference?”

“He’s only a baby. If it makes him happy, I’m not going to deprive him.”

It’s worth pointing out that there is no official line on dummy-sucking.

In fact, most medical professionals advise that a child will give up their dummy between the ages of 2 and 4 of their own accord.

Some might need to be weaned off it, but considering Teddy isn't even three yet (his birthday is July 3), then maybe everyone should leave him and his aunty alone?!

Meanwhile Lauren also penned a cryptic note on Instagram, which seemed to hit back at those who have body shamed her or cheated on her in the past.

It read: “Someone will always be prettier than you.

“Someone will always be smarter than you.

“Someone will always be younger than you.

“But… they will never be… you.”

It’s thought that this may be a message to her ex boyfriend Jake McLean, after Lauren described their relationship as “toxic”.

In a previous interview with OK! Magazine, Lauren revealed that a “weight has been lifted” since ending her relationship with Jake.

She admitted: “My last relationship [with Mark Wright] was toxic and I jumped straight into a relationship with Jake and that turned out to be toxic, too.”

Lauren admitted that she doesn’t want another relationship like her previous two, but is definitely still open to finding a new romance – after she’s had a bit of me-time.

She explained: “I want to find pure love with someone who had nothing but respect for me.

“Until then I’m going to concentrate on myself.”

Wise words, Lauren.

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