Lady Colin Campbell: Everything you need to know about the I’m A Celebrity campmate

I’m A Celebrity’s Lady Colin Campbell has had a VERY eventful life. Here’s everything you need to know about her:


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Lady Colin Campbell - real name Georgia Arianna "Georgie" Campbell - was born in Jamaica on 17th August 1949.

So, from her troubled childhood to the REAL reason why she is called Lady C, here's everything you need to know about Lady Colin Campbell.

On her early life: ‘My gender wasn’t that big a deal until I hit puberty’

Lady Colin Campbell
Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell was born with genital deformities, including a fused labia, which led to her being incorrectly registered as a boy and christened George William Ziadie.

From around the age of three, it became clear to everyone that Georgie was actually a girl - something she had always known herself.

Speaking to The Telegraph, she said: “Cousins would say to my mother: 'Why is Georgie being brought up as a boy?’

“Still, my gender wasn’t that big a deal until I hit puberty. Then it became a real issue.”

On high school bullying: ‘It was like Auschwitz’

Lady Colin - then known as George - was forced to attend her father’s old school, an all-boys’ Catholic seminary.

However, once she hit puberty, her body began developing obviously female traits, and she found herself attracted to boys.

However, she said her lips would be sealed when it came to Princess Diana herself, out of respect for her two boys.

Speaking firmly, Lady Colin said: “Diana is dead. She has two sons who preserve the memory of their mother. She has a perfectly valid legacy that I think everyone should respect.”

On her cousin's murder: 'They were buried alive'

During the I’m A Celeb episode broadcast on Wednesday 18th November, Lady Colin Campbell was nominated to partake in a Bush Tucker Trial.

Panic Pit involved getting into a hole in the ground and crawling through a tunnel. Once inside, the door would be closed.

However Lady C refused to take part - as it reminded her too much of her cousin’s brutal murder.

The 66-year-old told hosts Ant and Dec: “I’m not starting it, sorry. I have a cousin who was murdered by being buried alive, I’m not doing anything that is coffin like or involves coffins.”

She added: “I’m really sorry about this, I would gladly be a sport.”

On what she wants to teach her fans: “I want to show people they can overcome anything!”

“I’m living proof that whatever happens to you in life, you can turn base metal into gold. I’ve always been loving and outgoing, and wanted to be happy.

“Just because you’re born disabled, it doesn’t mean you have to end up having a terrible life. You make choices and you can choose to embrace life.

“Bloody hell, it’s up to you!”

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