Kylie Minogue addresses sexism in showbiz ‘I hope that I’m giving a voice to the women’

Singer Kylie Minogue has spoken out about being the only woman on The Voice’s judging panel and the existence of a ‘gender imbalance.'


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Kylie was questioned about the so-called ‘gender imbalance’ in the judging line-up on the BBC talent show.

She said: ‘well I think it works really well being one girl and three guys, and I was more than happy with that, just because it stops there being any stories about bitchiness or cattiness. So I’m comfortable with it.’

The lack of ‘bitchiness or cattiness’ is a stark contrast to sister Danni’s experience as a judge on ITV’s The X Factor.

Kylie has joined The Voice as the only female on the judging panel.
Kylie has joined The Voice as the only female on the judging panel.

During Danni’s time on the show there were regular reports that she was fueding with her fellow female judges.

It was revealed in Danni's autobiography that she and Sharon Osbourne had a particularly turbulent working relationship.

Kylie toyed with the idea of having a majority female judging panel.

Kylie's sister Danni experienced some cattiness whilst working as a judge on The X Factor.

She said: ‘I hear what you’re saying and maybe it would be interesting to flip it up and have three women and one guy…’

But Kylie also said that she would rather retain her unique perspective amongst the judging panel, adding ‘as long as I’m the guy…’

She continued: ‘I have to say this is working for me… And I hope that I’m giving a voice to the women, the girls who look up to me or anyone like me in the business.’

She considered the gender imbalance in show business in general, saying: ‘maybe it’s proportionate to what it is in industry, even now.’

Do you think there should be another lady on The Voice judging panel?

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