Kylie Jenner shares cryptic snapchat following shock Tyga split: ‘How did we become so distant’

Kylie shared a telling post following her reported breakup with Tyga

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by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Kyga fans were left shocked after Kylie Jenner failed to attend rapper Tyga’s 26th birthday on Thursday, and sources soon started reporting that the couple had in fact split up.

The pair, who reportedly started dating in 2014 but only confirmed their romance when Kylie turned 18 this year, appeared to be going strong, with some sources even claiming a proposal was on the horizon.

However just weeks after Tyga attended momager Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday, the romance appears to have come to an abrupt end.

Kylie- along with the Kardashian clan- failed to acknowledge the rapper's birthday on Thursday, sending the break-up rumour mill into overdrive.

The teen then shared a cryptic snapchat, mouthing along to Bryson Tiller's Been That Way's lyrics- "I wanna know how we became so distant, girl."

According to Hollywood Life the break-up was Kylie’s decision, with a source seemingly blaming family pressures.

"Tyga’s not taking the blame for he and Kylie’s break-up because he didn’t do s***. Don’t believe the hype. He hates how she’s easily controlled by her family.

"They have even been times everyone of those sisters ambush her say negative sh*t about Tyga and put negative thoughts in Kylie’s ear.

"He’s not giving up on her though. He hopes this will blow over just like the other times they’ve split. If there’s anyone who’s a victim in this, it’s Tyga. She purposely missed his birthday party and that spoke volume. He wanted her to be there with him, on his arm and she wasn’t. He’s hurt more than her."

However another major US site claims Tyga could be to blame, with a source telling them:

"She found something on his computer that made it clear he had done something wrong. It’s really sad — Kylie has been curled up on the couch, crying for the last few days”.

Oh dear.. I bet Tyga regrets those two music videos Kylie appeared in now..

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