Kylie Jenner reveals new nipple piercings in Snapchat photo

The 17-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star opened up about having “jewellery in secret areas” on Snapchat

Kylie Jenner reveals new nipple piercings in Snapchat photo

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Taking to kylizzlemynizzl (that’s her Snapchat profile, for those not in the know), Kylie shared a series of photos revealing some new piercings.

Most of them were in her ears - including a series of hoops going up the cartilage.

Via Snapchat

However, in the same Snapchat Story, Kylie Jenner also seemingly confirmed rumours that she’d gotten her nipples pierced as well.

She shared a photo of herself with two red circles around her breasts, writing: “New jewelry in the other secret areas [sic].”

Via Snapchat

And, as if her point hadn’t been made clear enough, Kylie also shared a snap of herself wearing a shirt that read: “The Breast Coast”.

In the same shot, she can be seen with two crosses drawn over her nipples.

Via Snapchat

Despite the fact that many have slammed Kim Kardashian’s little sister for her racy selfies and videos (she also shared one of herself sticking her hand down the front of sister Kendall’s shorts), Kylie recently said she has been overwhelmed by the positive support she receives on social media.

Speaking with People, she said: “It is kind of crazy, but thank god most of the comments on my Facebook are ‘LBLB’ — like back.

“It is people advertising their own pages and stuff, so I don’t really see many of the comments. But there could be 100 comments and if only one is negative, then you are only going to remember the negative.

“But at least most of them are positive!”

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