Kristin Cavallari‏: ‘I’d hate every second of having a camera in my face during labour’

Former The Hills star Kristin Cavallari – who is due to give birth to her second child in May – tells Closer that she won’t copy Kourtney Kardashian and give birth in front of a camera crew

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She is only weeks away from giving birth to her second son but American TV presenter Kristin Cavallari admits she is going to keep the birth a low-profile event; unlike certain other reality stars.

Before Kim Kardashian gave birth to her baby daughter North, she had her every move documented on camera for her E! reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians while her sister Kourtney Kardashian was filmed giving birth to her daughter, Penelope.

But 27-year-old Kristin, who came to fame in shows The Hills and Laguna Beach, insists this is something she would never do.

“It is too personal and I would hate every second of having a camera in my face; especially if I was in the middle of labour," she says. “My personal experiences from being in shows like Laguna Beach is that it can ruin friendships and relationships and I would be devastated if that happened. Once you put everything on camera like that you can’t ask for privacy and backtrack and you have to be 100 per cent aware that there will be access to you at all times."

She adds: “We (her and her husband Jay Cutler) have been offered a lot of reality shows and it’s not for us. We are pretty private and we want to raise our kids as normally as possible; and I don’t think you can achieve that with cameras.”

Kristin Cavallari‏ is already mum to Camden, 20 months

Although she is due to give birth early next month, Kristin is currently appearing as co-host in E!’s new show The Fabulist.

“It is such a great show and me and Orla Shani (Kirstin’s co-host) discuss so many different topics.

“In the first episode, we talk about the current bra-less fashion and how many celebs are sporting that look,” says Kristin. “I was talking about Jennifer Aniston and how she likes that look but she has perfect boobs because she hasn’t had kids and she hasn’t breastfed. After having a baby and breastfeeding my boobs have never been the same, I always have to wear a bra!”

Apart from having terrible acne in the first stages of her pregnancy. Kristin’s pregnancy has been plain-sailing. But the star – who is mum to Camden, 20 months - admits that she is not looking forward to the birth.

“This pregnancy has been fine and I’ve been working out in the gym and taking selfies so I can see how big I am getting,” she says. “But I was in terrible pain when I went into labour with Camden and I had an epidural so that was tough. I am hoping to have a natural birth like I did the first time around though and to avoid having a C section."

She adds: “Naturally I am also worried about how Camden is going to adapt to having another baby in the house and if he will get jealous. And it’s going to be hard going when the baby doesn’t sleep and I will be breastfeeding every two hours. But at least we are having another boy and we know what to expect and we don’t need to buy any clothes.

We would like a girl next. I think we will try for another one but take a couple of years off.”

Kristin Cavallari‏ with her husband, Jay Cutler

For many new parents having a new-born baby puts their relationship under serious strain but Kristin is careful to safe-guard her marriage to Jay by regularly putting aside time for one another.

She says: “We have date nights and we have a bath together and light some candles to make it romantic and we have dinner as a couple as well. I also like to wear nice lingerie and I feel sexy when I put it on. I am lucky in that Jay does make me feel good about myself – and I consider myself to be a great place in my life right now."

The Fabulist premieres Sunday 6th April at 6.30pm on E!

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