Kris Jenner and Nicole Richie have Kim Kardashian in giggles with Salt-N-Peppa rap

Kim Kardashian has shared a video of mum Kris Jenner and old friend Nicole Richie attempting to rap Salt N Peppa’s ‘Shoop.’


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Kim shared the clip of Nicole and Kris with the caption: ‘my new fave rap group.’

Nicole- who looked noticeably thin- and Kris donned some side-ways baseball caps and burst into song as Kim caught the magical moment on camera.

Kim captured Kris and Nicole having a bit of a silly few minutes.
Kim captured Kris and Nicole having a bit of a silly few minutes.

Kardashian matriarch Kris looked like she was having fun showcasing her rap star credentials, starting the song off as she rapped: ‘here I go, here I go, here I go again.’

Jan 15, 2014 | My fave new rap group @nicolerichie @KrisJenner by KimKardashian on

We wonder if Kris’s BFF P Diddy was watching and can see any potential in the wacky momager.

Nicole and Kim seem to be spending more time together now that the young mums can bond over family life.

The California natives have known each other for years since they grew up in the same affluent Los Angeles suburb.

Kim even shared an amazing Instagram pic of the two friends as teenagers with the caption ‘#ThrowbackThursday @nicolerichie and I being oh so cool at 13 years old.’

Kim shared this amazing 'throwback Thursday' Instagram pic of her and old friend Nicole.

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