Kimberley Walsh insists 32 is not too old to have a baby: “I’m very happy that I’m starting my family now”

Kimberley Walsh has said that she does not think 32 is too old to have a baby and start a family, despite what others may have to say about it…


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Kimberley Walsh is expecting her first baby with partner Justin Scott, but the Girls Aloud singer recently caused a bit of a commotion in the press when she implied that 32 (her age) is too old to start a big family.

She was originally quoted as saying: "I would like a big family but I am realistic and I’m aware at 32 I have left it a little late. So I’m realistic about how many I can have, but I would like to have more than one.

"I think women today do struggle with the having it all element. For me there was nothing stopping me but I wanted to have it all and take the opportunities that I had with my career and create a really secure family unit, a home.

"I can relax and it’s set up and no financial pressure. It’s a tricky one because we want to indulgent in all these massive opportunities which come your way and soak it all up and I think the years fly by and then you are suddenly in your thirties."

Keen to clear the air, the mum-to-be took to her OK! Magazine column to say: "There have been a few articles stating that I said that 32 was too old to start a big family.

"I bet there are plenty of women my age or older thinking, cheers, Kimberley! But that's not what I meant."

Kimberley Walsh and Justin Scott
Kimberley Walsh and Justin Scott

"I would still love a big family and have every intention of having more children, but I want to make sure I can give them all my attention.

"I'm just being realistic. When you're a teenager, you have it all planned out, but the reality is a baby is such a gift you just have to go with the flow and I'm very happy that I'm starting my family now."

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