Kim Woodburn reveals she suffered from childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her FATHER


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The CBB star opened up about her traumatic childhood on Loose Women today

Kim Woodburn has made the headlines quite a bit recently.

After her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house, viewers saw a side of her that they didn't much like - her actions were that of a volatile and aggressive person.

And it continued once she was out of the house in an interview on This Morning where she lost it with [Phillip Schofield].

Kim had a spat with Phillip Schofield on the This Morning sofa (Credit: ITV)

However, Kim has had an incredibly tough life. She opened up about her tragic stillbirth as a young teenager whilst in the CBB house, even describing how she had been brutally beaten as a youngster by her mother.

But today, the celebrity cleaner revealed that she had not only suffered physical abuse as a child, but was devastatingly sexually abused by her own father.

Talking to the Loose Women panel, Nadia told viewers that Kim had a "really tough" childhood.

Nadia quizzed the CBB star (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Kim responded: "I did, like many other people. I was very sad, very unloved - my mother's favourite expression was, 'If I'd have known what you were going to be like I'd have sent you back.'

"You never get over it. I'm 74 now, but I don't let it affect my life – I've got a great life. But every day of the week, I can see a mum and dad with a little child and think, 'Oh aren't they a good mum and dad, I never had that.'"

Janet Street-Porter then asked Kim what had happened between her and her dad. Kim said: "My dad was royal marine and he was a rather naughty man, a touch of the naughty bits with me when he could get away with it."

Kim discussed her traumatic childhood with the Loose Women (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Janet asked her to clarify: "You mean he abused you? Physically?"

Kim confirmed: "Oh yes he did. I was very young."

She then began to describe how her mother had beaten her "with the carpet brushers", but Janet cut in and said: "Let me stop you just for a minute – did your mum believe you? Did you tell your mum?"

Kim then said: "No I never told her, I didn't know how to tell her - don't forget, when I was a little girl we didn't discuss those things."

Janet gently probed: "So it was sexual abuse?"

Kim said: "Oh yes. But what it did to me was, believe it or not having seen me on Big Brother – I'm a very kind person. I'm a softie. I'm a silly old fool of a woman.

"But don't start on me for no reason."

Kim had come across quite harsh on Celebrity Big Brother (Credit: Channel 5) ©ITV

The women then discussed how Kim had seemed quite harsh whilst she was on CBB, with Nadia saying: "Watching you on Big Brother felt like you wouldn't let anyone get near you. Do you align that with your childhood?"

Kim then said: "Well I was on my own from the age of 15, in bedsits – the filthiest ones that I could afford for £1 a week, keeping a roof over my head, and then I went to live into cleaning to get a roof over my head so I had a tough time. Many people have a tougher time than me.

"But it's made me... I don't want trouble. I want peace."

Kim clashed with WAG Nicola McLean in the Celebrity Big Brother house (Credit: Channel 5) ©ITV

The Loose Women then discussed how Nicola McLean had said something particularly hurtful to Kim in the house. Janet Street-Porter said: "When Nicola said, 'Thank god you've never been a mother', that was pretty cruel."

Kim responded: "Nicola had a gob that was so disgusting it needed stitching up. Nicola came out with the cruellest things. She doesn't know me from Adam.

"The most brutal things to me were horrible and nasty - 'Thank god you've never been a mother' - I thought, 'you've read my book'," referring to her tragic stillbirth that she wrote about in her autobiography.

Andrea then prompted Kim to open up about having to deal with the stillbirth on her own, and she described what had happened: "I was almost six months pregnant and I lost the baby, a little boy, my waters broke and I was on my own."

Kim became emotional when talking about her stillbirth on Loose Women (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Her voice cracking, she went on: "I delivered him in a little blue bowl and then I buried him in the park in a tea towel. And it was very sad."

As she said this, she had tears in her eyes and waved her hand as she couldn't speak anymore.

Kim couldn't speak for a few seconds (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Andrea then said: "You've said before that one of the reasons you didn't have children that, because your childhood was so tough, that you were worried you would love them too much."

Kim replied: "I absolutely love children. I'm a softie, you see. Because I'm well-known, if you're well-known on the telly, the parents trust you. It's a privilege, that's the joy of being well-known.

It's no wonder that Kim has a short temper after dealing with all of this trauma for years.

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