Kim Kardashians’ desperate bid to lose weight before her wedding has given her ‘Atkins mania’

As her May wedding fast approaches, Kim Kardashian has gone into ‘extreme dieting mode’ to make sure she looks her absolute best on her big day.


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Kim, 33, is set to marry fiancé Kanye West at a ceremony in Paris next month and, according to sources, she obsessed with losing 5lb more before.

Although she has lost an amazing 50lb since giving birth to daughter North in June last year, Kim still isn’t satisfied.

A source told a UK magazine Kim is eating lean meat and ‘only green vegetables, because they have more fibre’ and, just in case she’s tempted, ‘her assistant has a bag of celery sticks with her at all times.’

Despite losing an amazing 50lbs since last June, Kim still isn't satisfied
Despite losing an amazing 50lbs since last June, Kim still isn't satisfied

In her quest to shake just a few more pounds, Kim has also banned any liquid apart from water. The source added: “She doesn’t really drink, but she likes a glass of red wine with dinner and a coffee in the morning but her Atkins mania won’t allow those anymore. She won’t even have a sip.”

According to Kim, there aren’t even going to be that many people who see her on her big day as she and Kanye want the wedding to be small and intimate.

She revealed that she and Kanye share the wedding duties

She said: “As we go along, we’re realising we want it to be smaller and more intimate than people are imagining and thinking.”

Kim also admitted that Kanye is very involved in the wedding planning, saying: “There’s certain things where I’m like, ‘I know you’re going to hate the seating chart, so I’ll take care of this.’

“And then there’s some things that are really important to him. [But the] seating chart is just death.”

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