You won’t BELIEVE what Kim Kardashian has to do to stop North being jealous

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Kim Kardashian also appeared on The Ellen show to discuss life after her Paris ordeal

Kim Kardashian has opened up about life at home and how she has stopped her daughter North being jealous of her younger brother Saint.

The 36-year-old mum to North, 3 and Saint, 2, appeared on The Ellen Show and spoke about her adorable children and their complete opposite personalities. The yummy mummy admitted that while North is very much like her dad Kanye West, Saint is more like her with his "sweet" personality.

Kim Kardashian North Saint Kanye West
Saint is one-years-old (Credit: Instagram / kimkardashian) ©Instagram / kimkardashian

She explained: "He's my twin. He's literally my twin personality and he's such a good good boy, like such a good person."

When Ellen asked whether he ever cries, she replied: "No. North beats him up all day long and he doesn't cry."

Aww, bless him.

She then went on and joked about her daughter's personality: "She's just awful. She is so jealous and I thought it was a phase – it's not going away."

Saint West Aladdin North West Princess Jasmine
Kim admitted North is very jealous of Saint (Credit:


The reality star then explained that because North has banned her brother from her bedroom when she's at school Kim lets Saint secretly play in her room. She also revealed just how jealous her daughter is of her brother and the extreme length she went to prevent her being jealous of Saint who was breastfed.

She told Ellen: "She's just so jealous. I can't hold him, I have to stop breastfeeding him. When I was breastfeeding him, she was so jealous I had to get a little milk box and put it in the bra with the straw, so she would drink and he would drink."

Bit of sibling rivalry, ey?

Kim Kardashian North Saint Kanye West
The mum-of-two also spoke about the Paris incident (Credit: Instagram / kimkardashian) ©Instagram / kimkardashian

Kim also bravely opened up about how the Paris incident changed her life. The businesswoman who has a whopping 51 million Twitter followers and over 98 million Instagram followers was held at gunpoint in October and had millions of dollars worth of jewellery stolen.

Following the aftermath, the mum-of-two shielded away from the public spotlight and although she recently spoke about the tragic event on Keeping Up with The Kardashian's, she confessed to Ellen that she believes the robbery was "meant to happen".

She revealed that she was materialist before the incident but now she has changed. She explained: "I'm so happy that my kids get this me and that this is who I'm raising my kids.

"I just don't care about that stuff anymore. I really don't."

Kim Kardashian North Saint Kanye West
The reality star revealed she might not ever wear jewellery again (Credit: Instagram / kimkardashian) ©Instagram / kimkardashian

She added: "Of course when you get engaged you're going to show off your ring. You know people if they get a new car – I don't care what kind it is – you get so proud and so happy and you show that off on social media, but it's just not worth it.

"I don't care about that stuff. I don't care to show off the way I used to. It's just not who I am anymore."

You can watch Kim's interview below…

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