Kim Kardashian slammed as ‘bad mother’ after sharing this photo of North West in her carseat

“You are a horrible mother and I am adopting North West tomorrow… pure laziness”


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Kim Kardashian, who is due to give birth to her second child in December, took her daughter North West (and a friend!) on a trip to the pumpkin patch recently.

She shared a number of photos of the little girls enjoying their day out and, come the end of it, they were naturally tuckered out.

After settling the girls in their car seats for the journey home, Kim noticed that they had both fallen asleep - and was quick to snap a photo of the cute twosome.

Alongside the snapshot, uploaded to Instagram one day ago, the reality star wrote: “Knocked out.”

However the image has sparked outrage on social media, with many Instagram users furiously labelling Kim a ‘bad mother’.

One fumed: “Please get your kid a better car seat.. Those ones were recalled by Obama in 2014.

“You are a horrible mother and I am adopting North West tomorrow.”

Another added: “This is one of the biggest car seat mistakes that could be deadly!

“Straps should be tight with no slack and the chest clip should be at armpit level”

They added darkly: “In an accident, those girls could be thrown from their seats.”

And still one more Instagram user said: “Car seat safety is something I am crazy about. Whenever I see a child strapped in incorrectly I always say something, it's not judging it's hoping saving a child's life.

“If @kimkardashianwas in an accident both of these kids could be seriously injured because they aren't strapped in correctly at all! I hope she sees some of these comments and learns how to buckle her kids in the right way.

“This is just pure laziness to me. A chest buckle is for their CHEST!”

However, despite the backlash, some users chose to defend the pregnant star.

One wrote: “Must be nice to be such a perfect mother. The straps may be a little low, you're acting like she doesn’t have them buckled in at all.”

Another added: “When she snapped the picture, you don't know if she was going to finish strapping them in or if she just unstrapped them.”

“It's one thing to talk about her but call her a horrible mother is just wrong,” reprimanded another fan.

Kim has yet to respond to the comments.

Meanwhile Jan James, chief of Good Egg Car Safety, has, in an interview with the Huffington Post,agreed that North's straps are too loose.

However she added that we should NOT be attacking Kim Kardashian - we should simply be raising awareness of the issue.

She said: "If the straps are loose, the seat doesn't act in the way it's designed to in a collision. Even if a parent is doing 30mph, the impact of that is such that a child could be catapulted out," she added.

"I'm sure all the evidence shows Kim Kardashian adores her little girl, so it's great parents have picked it up to raise awareness of something that parents don't often recognise as an issue.

"We're not pointing fingers, we're just saying it isn't safe and it's in children's rights to be protected."

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