Kim Kardashian reveals pregnancy weight struggles: ‘Double chin, lips and ugly swollen ankles’

Kim Kardashian has been candid about her problem pregnancy, revealing some of the less attractive side effects of being with child.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

As many mums-to-be will appreciate, it’s not all glowing skin, bigger boobs and a healthy radiance pregnancy brings.

It can also cause all manner of annoying, painful and unattractive symptoms - and it seems Kim K is suffering with a good few of them right now.

During a clip she posted to her blog on Tuesday, Kim reveals she is getting increasingly uncomfortable as her pregnancy nears an end.

‘Ugh these fat hands, my ring doesn’t even fit’ Kim tells her best friend Jonathan Cheban and sister Courtney.


She also complained about her double chin and pregnancy lips - which had people asking last time around if the star had fillers put in.

Jonathan then says, 'Don't show them the ankles because people want to see them every day.'

'I don't think they even want to see the ankles,' adds Kim.

Kim also confessed she is worried that her predisposition for pregnancy complications means she may have to have a hysterectomy following her second child, who is due in December.

Despite her doctor telling her this is ‘unlikely,’ Kim is understandably worried about the birth, as last time she suffered with pre-eclampsyia and other conditions.

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