Kim Kardashian posts ‘belfie’ throwback photo from Thailand

The mother of all belfies has struck again, this time with a sizzling throwback photo from her time in Thailand.

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by Jonika Kinchin |
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We've almost become accustomed to seeing Kim's backside more than her actual face, but we don't really mind - and we're sure Kanye doesn't either.

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In the most recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim's obsession with taking selfies has started to drive sister Khloe crazy.

As the family were holidaying in Thailand, Khloe complained: "We're watching like fire-eating people, it's like a cool once-in-a-lifetime thing to witness, and instead of being in the moment Kim is taking selfies".

She sarcastically complained: "She is obsessed with taking pictures - totally normal!

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I don't even know - I'm so over the f***ing selfies".

As husband Kanye West is on tour and cannot attend the holiday, she was set on getting as many selfies as possible, to make the 'ultimate Thailand selfie book'.

When she saw the beautiful Iniala Resort which they were staying in, she said: "Every single room has a different selfie backdrop. That is so amazing!"

Although we're always insanely jealous of the reality star's body, we can't say we're jealous of how much sand she's going to have stuck to her! Nightmare or what?

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What do you think of Kim's belfie? Could you deal with having sandy pants like she obviously has? Let us know below.

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