Kim Kardashian goes platinum blonde: Click for more!

Kim Kardashian has seemingly ditched her dark locks for bright blonde hair - click to see her new look:


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Kim Kardashian recently debuted a new hair look when she chopped her long dark locks into a classy A-line bob - but it seems as if she's taken her makeover one step further.

The reality star was spotted out and about in a VERY uncharacteristic black beanie hat, which hid almost every scrap of hair from prying eyes.

But, for eagle-eyed fans, there was a definite glimpse of platinum blonde underneath all that wool.

You can't hide from us, Kim!
You can't hide from us, Kim!

And, a little while later, she finally stepped out WITHOUT the hat.

Yup, she's definitely blonde.


The mum-of-one revealed not too long ago that hubby Kanye West prefers her with lightened locks, telling People: "Kanye likes the blonde.

"He asked if I would ever go back to blonde.

"I was like, 'Not right after a baby', because my face was so swollen and it looked like my lips were huge. My face was just off."

We guess Kimmy K must be feeling confident enough to try out a shocking colour transformation, then.

Maybe she was inspired by sister Khloe, who recently swapped her brunette hair for beach blonde waves.

Khloe Kardashian recently went blonde too [Instagram]

We guess the two sisters will be twinning before too long then - how adorable.

Do you prefer Kim dark or blonde? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below now...

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