Kim Kardashian fights back at 6 hour spa treatment claims: ‘I was taking selfies all day!’

Reality star Kim Kardashian has blasted claims that she spent 6 hours having indulgent spa treatments during her luxurious holiday in Thailand.


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Kim took to her personal blog to write: ‘The hotel was gorgeous and had amazing service, but not once did I get a massage.’

‘I would rather spend six hours a day with my family and daughter, not in spa treatments.’

Kim then added: ‘Come on I was busy taking selfies all day!!! Just kidding…well not really.’

Kim shared plenty of Instagram snaps from her Thai holiday
Kim shared plenty of Instagram snaps from her Thai holiday

The 33-year-old suggested that other members of the Kardashian clan may have enjoyed some relaxing spa treatments, but she maintained that they had no reason not to since they were all enjoying the holiday.

‘Even if family members got spa treatments they should because we were on vacation!’

Kim also hit back at the criticism she received after posting a scenic image of Thailand that she took off Google images.

The picture that Kim 'stole' from Google images

‘I instagramed a pic of Thailand I found on Google thanking Thailand for the memories we had on our recent trip. I never claimed to have taken that pic. It was the best pic to show how pretty Thailand was.’

She continued: ‘I was already home and couldn’t take a new pic… just didn’t have scenic pics on my phone! I see today people are calling me a fraud… but ummm when did I ever say i took that pic? LOL.’

She finished by telling fans that the her bored mood had led her to blog her side of the story.

‘I just hate when people lie about things so I am in the mood to blog because my daughter finally went down for a nap and I am here bored!’

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