Inside Kim Kardashian’s divorce makeover

Now she’s free from Kanye, Kim Kardashian is dressing how she wants – and new boyfriend Pete Davidson is loving it

kim kardashian divorce

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She may have reunited with estranged husband Kanye West at their children’s football game last week, but it was at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party where Kim Kardashian really stole the show. Looking amazing in a skin-tight, electric blue dress, she diverted attention away from her messy divorce drama as she posed on the red carpet.

Kim’s glamorous look followed a week of her wearing a string of sexy outfits, in what sources say is a deliberate attempt to ramp up her look. As her feud with Kanye, 44, rumbles on amid the battle over their four children, insiders say the reality star is undergoing a makeover in a bid to move on and make a fresh start with her toyboy, Pete Davidson, 28.

An insider says, “Kim spent many years having her image moulded by Kanye and while she credits him for helping introduce her to a new fashion world, there’s part of her that feels she was held back from experimenting.

“Her post-divorce makeover is being heavily influenced by wanting to break free from him both physically and emotionally. She’s instructed her stylist to ramp-up the sexy outfits, which has helped her start feeling like her old self again. She’s joked how Pete is not complaining either!”

kim kardashian divorce
Kim has been seen in a string of revealing outfits recently ©Getty

Kim famously underwent an image overhaul when she started dating Kanye in 2012 – and she’s credited the rapper and designer for helping her “fall in love with fashion.” Under his influence she swapped her over-the-top prints for a more timeless look, becoming a style icon.

“When we first started dating, he went through my closet, he put everything he thought wasn’t cool enough in a pile,” she once revealed, before adding that she started crying when she saw the heap of clothes.

Kim – who once previously revealed, “Kanye dresses me up like a doll” – also admitted in 2019 that her decision to wear less-revealing clothes was down to him feeling “uncomfortable” with her dressing “too sexy.” He famously disapproved of the wet-look Thierry Mugler dress that she wore to the Met Gala that year, telling her, “You are my wife, and it affects me when pictures are too sexy.”

But since filing for divorce just over a year ago, Kim – who was declared legally single in court last month – has enjoyed reverting back to her notoriously provocative style, which pals say has been helping her to draw a line under her marriage breakdown. And according to sources, she is also embracing her newfound freedom as a chance to have surgery too.

During their seven- year marriage, Kanye reportedly “banned” his wife from going under the knife after his beloved mum, Donda, 58, tragically died after suffering complications from plastic surgery in 2007.

A source says, “There were certain procedures Kim had wanted to do for a long time, which Kanye had been completely against, so with her split has come the freedom to undergo both a physical and emotional transformation. While she’s not revealed specifics, she has wanted to round out and plump-up her bum. She has also been keen to undergo breast implants and a lift.”

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Kourtney vs Kim

In the latest series Kim and Kourtney have a physical fight and to be honest we're not surprised. Tension has been building between the pair for quite some time and Kourt has even confessed that she's stepping back from the reality show.

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Khloe vs Kim

Remember when Khloe shut the door on Kim when she was trying to get into the apartment and then Kim came out with the famous line, "don't be f—king rude" before hitting her with her bag? Iconic.

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Kim and Kris vs Rob

Throwback to when Kim was dating (and then went on to marry) Kris Humphries. Well, one of the stand-out moments from their relationship was the whole diamond earring incident but during that same holiday, remember when Kim and Kris argued with Rob Kardashian? After the siblings exchanged words, Kris stepped in to defend Kim but nobody was prepared for when Rob called her a "wh-re".

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Kylie vs Kendall

So Kylie and Kendall aren't full time cast members but whenever they're on screen they know how to make their mark. While the pair were getting ready at Kylie's house, Kendall wanted to borrow one of her sister's dresses and it's safe to say Ky wasn't having it. Kylie refused to lend her the dress and Kendall went on to call her "the biggest f—king b-tch" and a "c—t". So much dramz.

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Kim vs Kourtney

Kim and Kourtney's row over North West and Penelope Disick's Candyland themed party went on for a few days but it reached its peak when they came to blows and almost called it off. While Kourtney was arguing it'll be too much sugar for the kids, Kim pointed out that was the whole theme of the party. Luckily they went ahead with it but the kids ended up being far too hyper… following all that candy.

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Scott vs the waiter

Scott has definitely had the best character development throughout the series. Remember the early series when he went wild with his partying? He punched the mirror in Miami and shoved money down the waiters throat? Everyone was embarrassed and of course, the following day he apologised.

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Scott vs Corey

This row still makes us cringe whenever we think about it. During dinner Kourtney revealed Penelope scratched her nanny on the face and it resulted in her quitting. Things were getting pretty heated between everyone but it certainly took a turn when Corey said if she was his child he would have given her a "spanking for sure". Oh boy...

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Kendall vs Caitlyn

It all kicked off when Caitlyn Jenner publicly announced she was going to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that Kendall was walking. Kendall put her foot down and admitted she was "p-ssed" at her dad for taking the attention and went on to disinvite her. Awks.

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Kris vs the rest of the family

This will always be our funniest KUWTK episode. When the Kardashian sisters (and Kim's friend Larsa Pippen) were judging Kris for letting Rob stay in one of her houses, Kris put her foot down. She reminded them that she's supported them throughout all their "sh-t" including Kim's short marriage –remember her classic, "I'm married for 72 days, really that was normal"? Iconique.

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Kim vs Kourtney

Kim is pretty savage during any argument but she went a step too far when she claimed Kourtney was the "least interesting to look at" after her older sister was being difficult with the schedule for their annual Christmas card.

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Kourtney vs Jonathan Cheban

Throwback to Kourtney and Khloe take Miami (an iconic time, tbh). Jonathan should learn not to get involved in family fights. During the early days he defended Kim and ended up rowing with Kourtney. After Kourt told him "you're shoved so far up Kim's ass" and "You're such a f—king loser", he clapped back and said, "Scott's never going to marry you!" Kourt didn't take his jibe lightly and ended up slapping him around the face.

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Kendall vs Kris

The Kardashians Christmas party is one we would LOVE to go to but in 2018 things got a little awkward when Kendall wanted her dad Caitlyn to attend but Kris wasn't keen. After Kris pointed out that it could be awkward because of all the drama from Caitlyn's book, Kendall made it clear she wanted her dad there.

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Kim and Jonathan vs Khloe and Malika

While the Kardashians were on holiday, things got awkward when Jonathan Cheban told Malika Haaq that he got a bigger room because his best friend Kim is more famous than her best pal Khloe. When they all confronted each other, Kim told Khloe and Malika that she thought they had "an inferiority complex". Riiiight.

kendall rob kardashian14 of 14

Kendall vs Rob

When Rob started dating Blac Chyna it was awkward for the entire family but things took a turn when he gave her an iPad… that Kendall gave him for HIS birthday. To top it all off, Kendall found out through Instagram.

According to sources, Kim has also spent a lot of time with Jason Diamond, the world-renowned facial surgeon. While the star maintains she is mostly natural, she is widely believed to have had non- surgical fillers in her face, as well as to contour her jawline. Sources say she’s also a big fan of Jason’s signature £5,000 Instafacial, which is designed to combat fine lines and wrinkles. It involves a chemical peel, blue light therapy and microneedling, a procedure that involves pricking the skin with tiny needles to boost collagen production.

Kim’s been at the centre of a plastic surgery debate since shooting to fame on her family’s reality show in 2007. She’s rumoured to have had a face lift, bum implants, liposuction and several boob jobs, but has vehemently denied going under the knife. In fact, she’s only admitted to having non- surgical procedures such as Botox, saying, “Botox to me is not surgery.”

kim kardashian kanye west
Kim previously said that "Kanye dresses me up like a doll" ©Getty

But now, as her divorce proceedings with Kanye rumble on, sources say taking control of her image is giving her strength.

“The last few months have been incredibly tough and it’s taken its toll on Kim’s mental health,” says the insider. “But with the support of Pete and her image overhaul, she’s adamant she’ll come out of this stronger than ever. She joked how Pete is not complaining either – he’s encouraging her sexy new look, which is a refreshing change!”

But while Pete is loving Kim’s image overhaul, pals say last week’s snapshots of her and Kanye watching their two eldest children, North and Saint, play football got him worried. Since splitting the pair have had a notoriously rocky relationship, with Kanye publicly slamming Pete and claiming that Kim wouldn’t let him see their children, North, eight, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, two. On Valentine’s Day he even sent her a truckload of red roses, making no secret of the fact he’s desperate to reunite.

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A source says, “Pete understands Kim’s need to have an amicable co-parenting relationship with Kanye, but he knows how powerful Kanye is. Pete’s wary he could take it as an opening for a potential reconciliation.

“Kim’s assured him that she’s just being amicable for the sake of the kids and has reminded him how important it is that they get along, not only for the children but for her own mental wellbeing and for their relationship, too. She’s told Pete that by being on civil terms, she hopes it will stop Kanye’s angry outbursts at Pete and they can all work towards getting along down the line.

“Pete is very protective of her and so this has understandably made him feel insecure – especially given Kanye’s dislike of him and how vocal he’s been about wanting to get Kim back.”

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