Kieran Hayler reveals Katie Price made him take a lie detector: “I felt like I was on death row”

Kieran Hayler has revealed how Katie Price made him take a lie detector test when her suspicions of an affair grew.


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The builder and part-time stripper, 27, also insisted that he ‘hates’ Jane Pountney for not turning him down.

He told The Sun: “I promised Kate I would do a lie detector test. It was horrible. It felt like being on death row in the electric chair.”

After 36-year-old Katie caught her husband and best friend Jane, 49, together while on holiday in Cape Verde, she didn’t believe him when he told her it was a one off.

Following their holiday to Cape Verde, Katie made Kieran take a lie detector
Following their holiday to Cape Verde, Katie made Kieran take a lie detector

Kieran said: “Kate wrote a list of questions she wanted me to answer, but the man only chose three.

“The questions were: ‘1. Other than one time in Cape Verde, have you ever kissed Jane?’ ‘2. Have you ever had sexual contact with Jane?’ ‘3. Have you had contact with Jane since the holiday in Cape Verde?’”

He admitted to the newspaper that the results came back that he was lying when he answered the first two questions. Shockingly, Kieran had thought he’d still get away with lying to his wife, even during the test.

Kieran says the test made him feel like being on death row

“I had read so much crap about these tests being accurate so I convinced myself I had a 50.50 chance of getting away with it,” he said. “Kate was very angry and begged me to tell her the truth so I admitted that Jane had her hands down my shorts in Cape Verde but I denied everything else.”

But after the test, Kieran said he couldn’t take it anymore and confessed everything about the affair to his wife. Katie flew into a rage and insisted they could no longer be together and that she wanted a divorce.

He also insists a lot of responsibility for the affair lies with Jane, who didn't tell him 'no'

While Kieran blames himself, he feels that a lot of the responsibility lies with Jane. He added: “I am blaming myself a lot and at the same time I find myself hating Jane.

“I feel like she is the one who has done this to the family. She made me do this – she didn’t say ‘no’.”

Despite everything, Kieran is convinced he and Katie can work things out. He said: "I love Kate with all my heart and I believe Kate loves me.”

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