Kieran Hayler opens up about his affair for the first time: “Katie had suspicions, but I told her it’s just in your head”

Kieran Hayler has spoken at length for the first time about his affair with Katie Price’s best friend Jane Pountney.


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The part-time stripper, 27, revealed in full detail the extent of his betrayal and how, when Katie, 36, began to suspect something, he told her it was all in her head.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Kieran admitted that he began texting and getting close with 49-year-old Jane last May, but that their physical affair didn’t star until September.

Kieran admitted he started to exchange texts with Jane not long after he married Katie
Kieran admitted he started to exchange texts with Jane not long after he married Katie

Of his and Jane’s first meeting in a car park, he said: “I arrived in my Ford Focus after work and she arrived in her Ford Fiesta. I got in her car and we talked and kissed for 10 minutes.”

From then on, Kieran said, every meeting they had was sexual, and it was all about the thrill of the risk for him.

He said: “I didn’t wear a condom because it added to the risk and my heart rate was always racing.”

He said his wife had suspicions of him and her best friend, but he shrugged them off

While having secret meetings with Jane, Kieran’s life at home with Katie wasn’t perfect, he told the newspaper. Katie had just given birth to their son Jett and Kieran wasn’t bonding with him.

“The bond with Jett wasn’t straight away.” He admitted. “I wasn’t able to be at the birth with Katie and afterwards I was called into the room like someone on a deli counter.”

Soon Kieran and Jane’s meetings moved from car parks and into the stables in the grounds of Katie’s home.

He told how after a party one night at the house, he and Jane slipped off to the stables together. He added: “It was around 1am and I was hammered from drinking Porn Star Martinis. I headed up to the stables where a friend of mine was meant to be staying and Jane followed me. We had sex standing up.”

Katie finally caught the pair of them out while on a family holiday to Cape Verde

The sex in the stables continued, Kieran admitted, despite the fact Katie was becoming suspicious of her husband’s relationship with her best friend.

He and Katie had planned a family holiday to Cape Verde, but she invited Jane and her husband Derrick, 51, along. Kieran said: “By now she was having feelings about Jane and me but I kept telling her, ‘No, no, it’s just in your head.’”

The affair continued onto the holiday, when Katie’s suspicions were finally confirmed. Kieran told of how the former glamour model caught him and Jane together on the beach.

He said: “Jane put her hand down my trousers and Kate came out of nowhere. All I heard was Kate calling her a slut and a whore.”

Read the full story in The Sun on Sunday, out today.

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