Kerry Katona has SPLIT from her new boyfriend already

Kerry Katona, James English

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Kerry Katona has announced her split from new boyfriend James English after less than two months of dating.

The mum-of-five confirmed her split from Scottish businessman James in a post on her Instagram page, after revealing her new relationship in September this year.

Kerry, who has had a turbulent love life after splitting with her husband George Kay earlier this year, posted a word image on her Instagram page which explained she was now single once again.

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The image read: "I'm in a relationship with me.

"I make me happy and will never leave me. Single is good when you like yourself and don't count on anyone else for your happiness!"

She chose not to write an accompanying caption for the image.

She has also deleted all trace of James from her Instagram profile.

Kerry was inundated with messages of support from her fans, with one writing: "Amazing young lady. Comes back stronger after every put down. An inspiration to others in same situation but not in the spotlight."

Another added: "You don't need a man... Especially one that says that he's using you for your fame... Joke or no joke."

This comes after James seemed to mock Kerry in an interview on Ewan Cameron's chat show.

The businessman cruelly described her as "f***ed up" and said he was "only using her to get somewhere," before trying to say he'd been joking.

kerry katona, james english
©Instagram/ Kerry Katona

He said: "It's a good thing we've got - a bit of casual sex. That's all it is.

"For her it was an instant attraction probably but for me it took a while. I'm only kidding. She's a beautiful looking woman.

"She's more famous than me. I'm living on the back of her. I'm just using her just now to get somewhere.

"I think she's in her 40s, she's 37 actually and she has got herself a toy boy - can you blame her?"

Well... Sounds like you've done yourself a favour there, Kerry!

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