Ryan Mahoney tells Kerry Katona: ‘I hate other men perving over you’

The star wants to ramp up her OnlyFans, but it’s causing friction with fiancé Ryan


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Kerry Katona’s fiancé has told her that he’s not happy with her sexing up her online content as she comes up with new ways to make cash, a source close to the star has told Closer.

Kerry, 43, makes most of her income by posting content on lucrative platform OnlyFans, having set up an account four years ago. Now, insiders say the star wants to take her posts up a notch to keep the clicks coming, but it seems Ryan isn’t on board.

“Kerry is worried that her income is dropping. She’s concerned the OnlyFans money will dry up and that she’ll need to take it to the next level to keep the fans interested,” our source reveals. “She knows she’s got a lot of competition and needs to bring her A-game to make sure all the bills get paid, so she is thinking about stepping it up.”

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However, Ryan “is not on board” with the idea. The source says, “While he appreciates the money it makes for the family, Ryan struggles as it is knowing that men are fantasising over her. Right now, Kerry feels like she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to keep everyone happy. It’s emotionally overwhelming.”

Kerry first rose to fame as one-third of British pop group Atomic Kitten back in 1999. After quitting the group in 2001, Kerry went on to carve out a successful TV career – winning the third series of I’m A Celebrity! in 2004, as well as appearing on both Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing On Ice in 2011.

But her time in the spotlight has been turbulent, with Kerry facing a number of struggles. This has included her financial situation after she was declared bankrupt in 2008, and then filed for bankruptcy once again in 2013.

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The thrice-married mum of five turned to OnlyFans – which is a subscription platform synonymous with X-Rated content – in 2020, later revealing her success prevented her from going bankrupt for a third time. In fact, she claimed she earned a whopping £170,000 a month from the platform.

Previously explaining why she chose this avenue, Kerry said, “I’ve always had a good set of boobies on me. It’s like me walking out on a beach topless with my kids and the paparazzi taking a picture and them making a sh*tload of money off it. Now, I do it myself and I’m in control. I do topless pictures and sexy underwear, but I don’t do anything below the belt or anything like that. After five kids, I don’t think anyone wants to see what’s down there.”

But now, insiders say Kerry is keen to step it up to keep her success rate on the platform at an all-time high.

They say, “Kerry’s bounced back over the years and always supported her family, because she’s a hustler. Her family is her absolute priority, and she’ll always do what it takes to put food on the table and a roof over her kids’ heads. Her main source of income is OnlyFans, so if it means she has to sex it up a bit more, then she’ll give the punters what they want.”

Kerry has been loved-up with personal trainer Ryan Mahoney, 35, since 2018, following failed marriages to Brian McFadden, 44, Mark Croft, 53, and George Kay. The couple initially met on dating app Bumble, going on to get engaged during a family holiday in 2020.

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However, after Kerry recently underwent an eight-hour rhinoplasty to reconstruct her nose, she admitted she felt “unsupported” by Ryan. Sharing that she had moved back in with her mum, Kerry wrote, “I’ve felt more lonely than ever during my recovery. Ryan was away getting a tattoo in London when I went into hospital, and I haven’t seen him since my surgery. That upset me, because it made me feel unsupported and I could have done with the emotional support. I really wanted to be looked after and have him here, but I had my mum instead.”

And now it seems tensions are bubbling once again as the couple disagree over Kerry’s career plans.

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“Ryan isn’t happy. He says there’s a fine line with OnlyFans and is already uncomfortable with some of the content Kerry has posted,” the source continues. “He’s told her he can’t help it and that no man wants to know his partner is being perved over, so if she were to sex up her content even more, it would cause serious issues in their relationship.

“Kerry has insisted she wouldn’t go full X-rated, but has also reminded Ryan that it’s her body and her choice. What she’s hoping to do is soft adult content, and it pays the rent. She’s the breadwinner, and so she’s told Ryan he needs to understand and live with it.”

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