Kerry Katona publicly shames daughter Molly: ‘Never seen anything like it!’

Mum-of-five Kerry Katona has taken to Twitter to despair over eldest daughter Molly McFadden


by Kayleigh Dray |
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From one mother exposing her son's affair with a married cougar, to another outing her daughter as a 'bully' on Facebook, we've seen more and more parents jump on the 'social media as discipline' bandwagon.

So it makes sense that celebrity mums and dads are now getting involved in the trend.

In a lighthearted series of Twitter posts, exasperated mum-of-five Kerry Katona has decided to 'out' eldest daughter Molly for her untidiness.

She wrote good-naturedly: "Molly not back to school til 2morrow, so gutting her room!!

"My god!!!"

The 34-year-old Atomic Kitten star continued: "Never seen anything like it!! It's like another world under her bed!!!

"It's a wonder she's not got bleeding mice!!

"I swear… The room has it's own galaxy!!! [sic]"

We imagine that public rebuke will get Molly into action - if only to stop a photograph of her messy bedroom finding its way online!

Untidy rooms aside, it looks as if it's going to be a great year for Kerry, husband George Kay, and her five children.

After admitting she'd been upset to spend Christmas apart from Molly and Lilly - who were with father Brian McFadden and his family for the festive period - Kerry seemed glad to have them back with her for the start of 2015.

Speaking from the heart, Kerry - who is also mother to Heidi and Max (Mark Croft's daughters), as well as George's baby daughter DJ Rose - said: "It's a new year.

"A new week, kids back to school, a fresh chance to re-think your life and move in a new direction."

We wish them a very happy new year!

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