Fears for Kerry Katona over her X-rated career

The dark secret that threatens Kerry's future

Kerry Katona

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She signed up to X-rated photo-sharing site OnlyFans a few weeks ago and, already, Kerry Katona has notched up an impressive 11,000 likes. As well as a welcome ego boost for Kerry – who has dropped from a size 16 to an 8 last year – it’s also enhanced the twice-bankruptstar’s dwindling bank balance.

A source tells us, “When Kerry first looked into the idea of an OnlyFans site, she was wary. If people don’t click to look at your pictures, it can be a massive dent to your confidence. But, thankfully, the response has been amazing for Kerry. She’s had loads of people liking her pictures and posting positive messages on the site.”

Kerry Katona Only Fans
Danielle Lloyd showed her support for Kerry Katona ©Instagram

Danielle Lloyd – who has been on the site since late last year and has 4,000 fewer likes than Kerry – showed her support after Kerry was initially trolled for her decision to sign up, tweeting, “F*** what people say Kerry, as long as you’re happy and it’s good for your confidence. Good luck.”

Kerry responded by posting, “Babe I do photo shoots [like] this all the time for the papers and mags but now I’m in control! And I’m loving it! Thanks for your help babe.”

As Closer reported last week, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the mum of five lose a lot of work, which is a concern as she’s been declared bankrupt twice in the past.

But the money she is earning from OnlyFans – where fans pay to view photos and videos of her and Kerry takes 80 per cent of the fee – has been a huge help. Although insiders reveal pals can’t help but feel concerned about the emotional impact this could have on Kerry, 39, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has battled addiction in the past.

The star has been very honest about her mental health struggles, and as recently as 21 April she posted to Instagram, “I’d be lying if I said I’m OK. This is such a roller coaster. One day I’m positive, motivated, inspired, so grateful and productive. The next day I’m emotionally drained, scared, crippled with anxiety and stay in bed all day crying.”

Kerry has reportedly already shared a series of provocative shots to her OnlyFans account. Shots seemingly of the star – with her distinctive tattoos – appeared on Instagram.

In one, she was on all fours wearing a thong, another showed her topless, and two other pictures appeared to show her in the shower pressing her naked breasts and buttocks against the shower screen.

And on Kerry’s Instagram account, where she regularly promotes a subscription to her OnlyFans page, she has had a number of requests from fans outlining their sexual fantasies, including, “Can I get happy endings?”, “We all would love to see her nude”, and, “So spankable.”

Kerry Katona Emma Kenny
Kerry with Emma Kenny ©Shutterstock

Psychological therapist Emma Kenny, who has previously interviewed the former Atomic Kitten singer for Closer is worried it’s comments like these that could push Kerry to a dark place.

She says, “I can’t help worrying that with these kinds of sites, celebrities may be viewed as sexual puppets to be used by others. This is the last thing someone who has struggled with their mental health needs. She may feel happy and validated by the reaction of her fans, but if it doesn’t last, she could be left feeling very fragile.

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“The more you’re around glamour work, the more it normalises. Your boundaries might be strong initially and then they just ask you to do a little more, which poses the risk of things leading into more seedy acts and leading a secret double life. I’m not saying it happens to everybody, but when you’re doing something to pay for your kids and your food, it’s different.

"It’s not like Kerry’s a multimillionaire doing this for fun – she’s doing it because she needs to. Whenever you need to do something, you don’t have all the power and, in the end, that can threaten your future, as you might not always do things that are best for you.

"Kerry is the loveliest woman and I worry for her. She’s come on leaps and bounds in recent months and is doing so well – she’s a fantastic human and a brilliant mum. But someone with bipolar needs a stable working environment, not one where how you feel may be dictated by others.”

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Kerry, however, has reassured pals that she’s not going to let anything bring her down and will be careful with her new career.

It’s not the first time she’s ventured into X-rated work, having previously revealed she worked as a topless model and a lap dancer in her youth. And she’s certainly proved that she’s tougher than people think.

She grew up in care, went on to survive two abusive relationships and three divorces and yet she’s now emerged stronger than ever, thanks to therapy and the support of her fitness trainer boyfriend Ryan Mahoney.

The source says, “Kerry always bounces back. She’s not a vulnerable teenager, she’s a fully grown woman with kids. She knows that her popularity might not last and is prepared for it. This is the best she’s felt in a long time and she’s not going to jeopardise it.”

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