Kelly Brook admits photoshopping images after being branded ‘pathetic’ by fans

Curvy Kelly Brook has been slammed by fans - who accused her of editing her waistline in a recent photo.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Instagram users called out the actress for being ‘pathetic’ after she shared some snaps from her night out in London this week, where her waist appeared even more teeny than usual.

Even for hourglass Kel, her waistline looked incredible small compared to her large bust and curvaceous hips, and fans were not impressed.

One Instagram user hit back angrily at the star, who was attending a launch at the new Ping Pong restaurant at Westfield Shopping Centre: ‘Why have you edited your waist in this picture?! No need when everyone knows you're curvy.’

Another wrote: ‘Talk about editing!!! Such a fake pathetic think to do!!!’

35-year-old Kelly, who has one of the most famous bodies in the business, hit back on Instagram on Friday, seeming to admit to editing her snaps.

‘Depending on Camera Angles and Clothes my size comes in to question a lot. The pictures I post are not unrealistic to who I am.

‘I embrace my Curves and love my body. Slightly photoshopping pics is no different to women wearing fake hair, putting chicken Fillets in their bras, squeezing into Spanx or having filler and Botox in their face. None of which I do.

‘We all want to look our best in pics. So let's all focus on the positive and be nice to each other. Having your waist smaller makes your curves bigger!!!! I love that and that's the look I aspire too. Natural and Curvy □ #CurveGate.’

But some fans still weren’t impressed by Kelly’s admission, with one user writing: ‘It’s not natural if it’s photoshopped. You don’t need to!’

Another user went even far, telling the star: ‘I for one think your full of s***. Its a shame someone with such natural beauty feels the need to Photoshop their pics. It gives out the wrong message to todays youth.’

What do you think? Does this send out a bad message to other women/young girls? Or is it fine to make yourself look the best you can even if that’s not ‘all natural’? Tell us what you think via @CloserOnline.

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