Kellie Maloney reveals: ‘I fancy men’

She’s undergone a huge transition over the past year and Kellie Maloney has finally addressed her sexuality.


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Former boxing promotor Kellie, 62, had gender reassignment surgery last year and now she’s answered the question of which sex she is attracted to.

Speaking to The Times, Kellie, formerly known as Frank, said: “Of course it’s difficult. Do I fancy men or women or what?

“So, look, I am a heterosexual woman. There. I’ve said it and that’s the first time I have said to anyone. I am a heterosexual woman. That’s the final step, isn’t it?”

Kellie's dream man in Tom Selleck
Kellie's dream man in Tom Selleck

The Celebrity Big Brother star also revealed who her dream celebrity man is.

She said: “I find Tom Selleck attractive. If I had to choose a man he would be my ideal. He’s very handsome.”

Kellie, who has daughters Emma, 36, Sophie, 20, and 14-year-old Libby, recently discussed how her youngest took the news.

Kellie with Sophie and Libby

Speaking on Radio 2, Kellie said: “Libby was ready for bed, jumping about full of joy, and she ‘you have something you need to tell me, don’t you?’

“Libby asked if I was dying, so I said, ‘No I’m not dying, I believe I should have been born a female like you.

“All I could do was hold and cuddle her. For weeks and days she wouldn’t talk to me, she went inwards a little bit.”

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