Katie Price wants to confront former best friend Jane Pountney in a new TV show

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Jane Poutney had a seven month affair with Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler

Katie Price has said some tough words about her former best friend Jane and it seems like she wants to confront her face to face on television.

Back in 2014 the former glamour model revealed on Twitter that her husband Kieran Hayler had been having a seven month affair with her best friend Jane. She tweeted: "Sorry to say me and Kieran are divorcing him and my best friend Jane Pountney been having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months"

Katie Price reveals Kieran cheated
Katie Price revealed the shocking affair on Twitter (Credit: Twitter / katieprice) ©Twitter

In the past the mum-of-five has had strong words to say about her former BFF and admitted Jane never apologised for the affair: "She's an absolute c---. I hope she dies. I hate her.

"She’s not ever even said sorry or tried. She obviously wasn’t a real friend. I was her best friend and I did everything for her," she told the Telegraph.

Now, Katie wants to confront the woman who slept with her husband in a new reality show. An insider revealed: "She plans to go to Jane’s house with the camera crew, knock on her door and confront her on camera.

Katie Price Jane Poutney Kieran Hayler
Katie was left betrayed by former best friend Jane and her husband Kieran (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

"She’ll ask why she betrayed their friendship and if it was worth it.

"She wants everything to come out on the show – Katie thinks it’ll be a big ratings-grabber," they told heat magazine.


This show will certainly be entertaining.

Katie was left betrayed by former best friend Jane Poutney (pictured with the children)
Katie discovered their affair while their families were on holiday together

In Katie’s latest book Reborn she described Jane as: "A cold calculating, evil, manipulative bitch who I hope dies in a car crash or in a very painful way.

"If she was on fire in front of me I wouldn’t even spit on her."

We doubt their reunion will go smoothly.

Even though Katie isn’t fond of her ex-best friend she recently admitted she's finally forgiven Kieran.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler
Katie has forgiven her husband for cheating on her with her two best friends (Credit: Getty Images)

On their fourth wedding anniversary – that was celebrated in January – she told her husband she’s forgiven him: “I’ve got to the point where he doesn’t ever give me a reason not to worry.

"He’s changed so much he’s proven himself and the best thing I ever did was stay with him."

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