Katie Price vows to give up alcohol for a full year after shocking drunken Christmas party rant

Katie Price

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Katie Price has vowed to give up alcohol following reports she behaved badly at a company’s Christmas party after a few too many drinks.

The former glamour model attended EnergySave’s festive celebration with her ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers this week where she declared him “the love of my life” despite being married to Kieran Hayler.

Businesswoman Katie, who dated Dane from 1998 to 2000, arrived in a Rolls Royce with the singer and DJ as husband Kieran was nowhere to be seen.

Katie Price Dane Bowers

At the bash, she was said to be “very touchy-feely” with him before getting up in front of the crowded room, exclaiming she was going to “f**king sing” and attempting Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing.

The reality star was then said to have stripped off in the toilets as she groped fellow party guests and called the other women there “s**ts”.

Katie Price Dane Bowers

It has also been claimed Katie brought her disabled son into her drunken rant, saying: “I love all my kids, though Harvey… Whatever.”

Katie has since insisted she is usually very well behaved but admitted she has finally realised that drinking too much doesn’t bring out her best side.

Katie Price Dane Bowers

She said during an appearance Loose Women: “Lately there have been stories in the press that have made me out to be a rowdy drunk.

“It just doesn’t agree with me… Because I’m small it affects me too much.

Katie Price Dane Bowers

“I’m not going to drink for the whole year. I’m not just going to do a dry January, I’m going to do the whole year.”

Her decision comes after EnergySave’s Jason Rowan said he wanted the £13,000 he paid for her to appear at his party back.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

He told the Daily Mirror: “She was drunk when she arrived and as the evening went on she just got worse and worse. She was a total nightmare…

“It was so embarrassing. She made a terrible remark to a woman with short hair about cancer and then stripped off in the ladies’ loo in front of several women including my 16-year-old daughter who she swore at.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

“Everybody couldn’t wait to see the back of her. I want a refund because she spoiled the party rather than enhanced it. But I don’t suppose in reality I will see a penny of it.”

The generous businessman spent a whopping £100,000 on the party for his 180 staff.

Since the event, Katie has been posting pictures of her children on her social media pages in a bid to project a wholesome image.

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

And her ex Dane stood up for her, insisting it wasn’t necessarily Katie who was in the wrong.

He tweeted: “Still amazes me how ‘classless’ people can be when they sell stories to the papers… irony in its best form.

“Really makes me giggle when those ‘classy’ people of the world are really proud they made the front page with a story full of rubbish #companygoals.”

Dane Bowers

A message on the business’s Twitter page read: “@danebowers Still amazes me how classless people can ruin an event that took a lot of hard work to put on. Meeting you on the other hand was a pleasure.

“@danebowers The company’s goal was to expect a professional job for a sizeable fee. The video evidence kind of backs up the story. #zlistcelebritygoals.”

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