Katie Price tweets support to transgender woman she inspired

After a chance meeting in a night club with Katie Price, a drag queen decided to undergo full gender reassignment surgery.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Chelsea Attonley, 27, met Katie Price at a club whilst dressed as 'Miss Malibu' - her drag queen persona. And after a brief conversation with the glamour model she realised she had to go through with the full sex change she's been deliberating for years.

Today, Katie Price has tweeted her support for the woman, writing: 'heard chelsea was on @itvthismorning today an I'm pleased I helped inspire you to achieve what you wanted and hope you continue to be happy x'

At the time of their meeting, Chelsea was still Matthew underneath the make up and clothes, but as he approached Katie, the glamour model assumed that she was already a fully-fledged woman.

'She said to me "are they real?" about my breasts. I couldn't believe she thought I'd already had surgery.'

Chelsea has now undergone gender reassignment surgery

After they got chatting, Katie told the performer that she should go through with her sex change operation - the final push that she needed.

And Chelsea admits she now wishes she'd gone through with the change much sooner, saying 'I am really happy now. I have met all the goals I wanted to in my life and I now just want to move on and become a successful woman.'

Chelsea has received overwhelming support on social media since speaking out about her struggles with her gender.

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