Katie Price reveals HORRIFIC online troll made fake sex video featuring disabled son Harvey

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Katie Price created a petition against online bullying that so far has received over 200,000 signatures

Katie Price has revealed an online troll created a disgusting video of himself having sex with 14-year-old Harvey Price.

The former glamour recently created a petition to make online bullying a criminal offence following the amount of abuse her son receives. Katie's eldest child suffers from autism, ADHD, Prader-Willi Syndrome (a rare genetic disorder that means he constantly feels hungry) and has problems with his eyesight.

In the past, The Loose Women panellist has publically shamed online trolls which resulted in a 30-year-old man losing his job after being caught.

Katie Price Harvey Price
Two online trolls have been arrested but unfortunately nothing else has been done (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

Katie has now revealed the extent at some of the vile messages she receives: "I have had so many disgusting things about him [Harvey]. They don't do it to any of my other kids.

"It doesn't matter what I've tried to do - I've had these people arrested, [there's] even this one that has been arrested at the minute but they're parting him around the police station because they don't know what to do with him.

"They don't know how to punish him."

She continued to explain to Metro FM: "The other guy who got arrested did a Vine on Harvey as if he was having sex with Harvey.

Katie Price Harvey Price
Katie has thanked fans online for their support (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

"They ceased all his computer, his phone everything.

"He had a four-year-old girl but they let him off because he didn't have a criminal offence, so they should have made it his first criminal offence."

Katie and her mum Amy who also appeared on the interview made it clear that they're hoping to punish all online bullies not just the trolls who target Harvey. Their next step is to visit the Parliamentary Petition Select Committee, Katie explained: "We will have a discussion on who should be punished, what extreme should it be; some people might be fined some people go in prison."

Amy added: "It's not also just for disability it's for people who are homophobic, racist, everything."

Katie Price Harvey Price
Katie Price wants all online trolls to be punished (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

Katie has been fighting with online trolls for a while now and she explained on her petition why the cause is important, she said: "People of all ages and background suffer every day, including my family - especially my son Harvey.

"I have tried my best to expose people and even had two arrested but nothing was done and there were no repercussions or penalties for this behaviour.

"I want it to help bring justice to everyone who has ever suffered at the hands of trolls. Help me to hammer home worldwide that bullying is unacceptable whether it's face to face or in an online space."

You can sign Katie Price's online abuse petition here.

What do you think of online bullying? Should a punishment be in place for online trolls? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

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